SSCC #230/#231–Denver

A Civil Service Commission panel has overturned the firing of two Denver police officers accused of lying about their pursuit of a stolen car.

Well they were just accused right?

The panel agreed with Malatesta that the two disobeyed orders and violated official police pursuit policy, but concluded that neither were firing offenses, the Post reported.

“This panel finds the false or misleading statements (the two officers) made during the course of the investigation did not rise to the high level of proof (required),” to find they committed a deceptive act, according to the panel’s decision.

Oh so if I lie to a public official it’s a crime unless I’m a cop and work for the public, then it’s not note worthy.  Lying is a sign of a lack of character.  Someone that lacking in character shouldn’t be in a position where they can harm the public.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 230: David Torrez

#231: Jose Palomares

Because it’s only a crime or a problem if you’re not a cop.  If you are a cop, well you’re just doing your job right?

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