Phishing Fail


Yeah I get lots of spam.  That is only one of 5 digests of the stuff that gets picked off before getting to my inbox.  Some of the stuff in there isn’t totally spam, but there’s no reason for me to actually pull it out.

That little bastard though in the red box is just all sorts of fail.  One I don’t live in NYC.  Two, I wouldn’t live in NYC.  Three if it’s a no reply, why the tacked on gibberish.  Four, the last time I was in NYC I was a minor and had a bus driving my ass around.  Five, how in the name of God did the city of New York get my email address?  If it was a ticket for a vehicle they’d have the registration address, not my email.

The airline tickets in there are also hilarious considering I don’t fly anymore because of the TSA.  The sad thing is they’re sending enough of this garbage out that for some people it get’s through, and the unlucky people who thinks it’s real and click on it.  Don’t click on stuff in random unsolicited emails!

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2 Responses to Phishing Fail

  1. Erin Palette says:

    I’m more amused at the panties by email.