It’s Almost Done

I got an email last night regarding my RO exam, for the RO class I took at the end of March. 

So without further ado.  Here’s the beginning of Kevin’s email.

I have graded your exam and am pleased to report that you scored 94/100.  I have forwarded your application to NROI/USPSA for processing.  Congratulations!

Not as high as I would like, but I won’t complain since I did it while sick as well.    All my screw ups were for missing additional rule or rules depending on the question.  Now to go back and start hunting for them.

At least I passed.

Ry got his scores as well.

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2 Responses to It’s Almost Done

  1. Agirlandhergun says:

    Well, congratulations! 94 is pretty shameful, but I love ya, so I won’t mention it:)

    You did good!!

    •  It was an open book test so I think I should have done better.  Anything less than perfect isn’t good enough.  That said I got every call correct, however I just didn’t cite all the possible rules that supported the correct conclusion.