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In San Diego evidently a cabbie either fell asleep or blacked out, he then crashed into 25 people, critically injuring six.

Twenty-five people were hurt in the shocking accident in the Gaslight District, with six of those suffering critical injuries, including a 42-year-old woman whose leg was amputated below the knee, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

There has been no screaming for outlawing automobiles in the wake of this event.  Unlike in the wake of Arizona.  Actually the press is so light on it, it was discovered and posted in the GBC by someone in Australia.  There has not been a single mention though of requiring additional safety devices as a result of this accident.  Despite there being systems which can detect inattentiveness of the driver.

It becomes obvious that safety isn’t the real goal.  People might claim it to be, but obviously if it was they would be screaming for changes with regards to automobiles after this accident. 

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