Something from nothing

So the unions in Wisconsin are currently going ape because the elected representatives have finally learned that if money going out is greater than money coming in, it is unsustainable.  However some of the law makers fled to prevent the law from moving forward.

For those who can’t understand how bad this explosion of debt across the country is, here’s a video regarding the Federal Deficit and proposed spending cuts.

Overall the Federal and even the Wisconsin cuts are a drop in their respective buckets.  The fact is things are going to have to start hurting to try and get things under control.  The options are minor pain now from the market corrections, or serious pain laterThe fact is public unions have overpriced themselves, crammed benefits down the throat, and now make considerably more than the private sector.

What is wrong with that I hear you ask?  The private sector pays the salary of the public servants through taxes.  So when the servants are making more than the private sector, the bottom line is it’s going to be unsustainable.  Your output is bigger than your input, and you have thusly violated the second law of thermodynamics.  You can not get something for nothing, who is going to pay the debt that the public sector is creating, it’s larger than the wages of the private sector.  Even FDR, my previously most hated socialist President hated the idea of public unions and understood the dangers.

This year the deficit will be 11% of the total gross domestic product.  For those of you who lack the ability to understand what the above means, the government has spent almost 11% of the production from the private sector, the government does not create wealth.  Wealth is created by production, the government does not produce, it consumes, don’t believe me or the link, explain the deficit.  The consumption has now matched the output of the private sector, and has passed the income of the government for a long time.

Unions are dying, there is no question.  What is interesting, is many of these people see the problem but have now been on the government teat for so long they have grown accustomed and dependent.  Many are conned into joining the union, or forced.  They become dependent and turn from being productive to being parasites.  Their response is cut money from someplace else.

TMW was the first one to ever ask the magical question when deciding on her new job, “Do I have to join the union?”  We finally got an answer, and thankfully it was no, and no matter what we were going to stick to our principals.  Many do not have the courage to do the right thing even when it hurts.  Many of those who have joined the union, were not aware that they could opt out or what other things the union does with their money.  The union takes 3% of every employees wages, it’s no wonder they could finance Obama’s election.  Many do not even know what else the union does “on their behalf.”  Union dues are nothing more than a mandatory political donation when the union is forced upon the people.  When it’s implied that union membership is required for employment, it’s racketeering.  Employment is held hostage unless you submit to also work for the political party supported by your union.

It’s no wonder given these facts that the unions are fighting so hard to prevent from being shut up.  Kids are being drug out of school to protest instead of learning.  They’re trying to cause enough discomfort that they continue to be paid their outrageous wage.  The thing is, there is no money to do so.  Unions especially public employee ones are some of the biggest parasites in America and they need to be dealt with swiftly as the dangerous infection they are.  Their motivation is greed, because if the employees aren’t unionized, the union heads can’t steal money off the income of the workers, and pay to have their buddies elected.  May Wisconsin be successful, and may other states follow in their path.

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