Resistance is Futile

Apparently SEIU has been harassing Sodexo USA, to the point that Sodexo has now filed a civil suit under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Union thuggery is the only way unions can continue to gain members and power.  Unions are not looking out for the employees or members, they are looking out for themselves.  They take a percentage of the employees pay in “dues.”  The more the worker makes, the more profit the union gets paid.  This means it’s in their best interests to extort as much as they can for pay.  Then when the employee works harder, pulls extra shifts, and does overtime the union gets paid a percentage of that labor.  The union did nothing for the employee all union does is get paid more.

Unions are worthless, they are nothing more that thieves who in many cases can force their people to give up money just for employment.  What do unions really do currently, seriously?  I fail to see any union do anything I can NOT do myself.  If I don’t like the environment I work in, I have every right to quit.  I do not have a right to work for a particular company, just the same a particular company doesn’t have right to retain me as an employee.  Unions are the creation of people who don’t have the balls to deal with problems themselves.  If you don’t like what a company is doing, do not work for them, do not buy their products, and do not support them.  Unions steal from people under the guise of protecting  and helping them, no different from the government. 

H/T Phil.

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