HB 1016 Passed the Senate

HB 1016 just passed the senate 47 – 0 with 2 excused.  At this point it has to move across Christine’s desk.  Normally I would be concerned, but with the overwhelming support from both the house and senate I’m not too concerned.

Supposedly according to the NRA’s facebook page there are those who disagree with the legalization of suppressors claiming they could only be used for nefarious purposes.  That’s why absolutely no one showed up to EITHER public hearing to speak out against it here in Washington.

Suppressors are a safety device, if you disagree with suppressors, pull the muffler off your car or shut the hell up!

H/T to Uncle on the facebook incident.

Update:It has been Signed.

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4 Responses to HB 1016 Passed the Senate

  1. MD Willington says:

    90 days after Queen G signs it we’re good to go!


  2. SayUncle » A victory says:

    […] suppressor bill passed both houses, overwhelmingly. On to the governor for signature. People yammer on about these suppressors being so evil and bad and stuff. Yet, these types of […]

  3. Ameso says:


    I’m the guy who asked Blake to run the bill. We specifically didn’t get any large group involved, such as the NRA or other organizations, because if we did, the concern was that WA Ceasefire would start beating the drum and bring out all of the Brady types. As it was, the NRA and Ceasefire both stayed on the sidelines, and it turned out to be a pretty straightforward process.

    Our intent moving forward is not to seek media attention on this bill, lest the savages get worked up and start calling the governor. If she takes no action to veto it, by this time next week it will effectively be law, and then will take effect in late July.

    We plan of running SBR’s next year, also without any help from any national organization. Quite honestly, we don’t want NRA or GOA involved. This needs to be a grass roots effort championed by citizens, not organizations.

    Blake is a democrat from the coast, and is an avid hunter. It was his help, working with less moderate democrats that pushed this through. Kline actually was a reasonable help, and I have sent him an email thanking him for his support, Kline would qualify as being one of the most anti-gun folks in the senate, next to Kohls-Wells.

    Anyway, that’s how it started and progressed. Wish us luck next year (actually the end of this year). We would appreciate your individual support, but please, if you are an organization, sit on the sidelines unless asked.


    Andy the Banker.

  4. Karl-Friedrik Overman says:

    Wonderful. Organizations such as the NRA have their place, but if we can persuade people without making enemies of them, which the NRA tends to do (often through no fault of their own), then we win even bigger. Getting bills to be sponsored without the attachment or support of out of state organizations, or even in-state organizations that may have acquired a “bad name,” is a very shrewd way to go about getting things done.