Gun Walker about to go Nuclear

So the ATF personally handed weapons across the border, including NFA weapons?

In a second, equally explosive disclosure, a law enforcement source tells Fox News, that ATF undercover agents were acting as the straw buyers and purchasing guns using government-issued false identifications and then providing those guns to cartel traffickers to gain credibility in their undercover roles. In that capacity, the ATF "provided 2, 50 cal. machine guns to traffickers that are loose in Mexico and unaccounted for," the source said.

I would like to point out that they sent weapons knowingly into Mexico and then magically lost the hardware.  This is pure conjecture however I would NOT be surprised to hear that agents received private cash payouts from cartels as part of this investigation.  What better way to smuggle equipment across a border than to have a government aiding and abetting.  

Then after shoving all these weapons over the border the ATF then says that straw purchasing is a serious problem and a long gun registry needs to be created.  This whole thing smacks of an engineered plot to achieve political goals by committing crimes and then blaming the law abiding.  Every agent who broke the law while operating on an “investigation” should be prosecuted under the law.  Just because you are an LEO doesn’t exempt you from following the law.  If anything you should be held to a higher accountability.

As Dave Hardy said:

While opinions may vary, I’ve always thought that undercover operations should stop short of committing acts of war.

H/T: Dave Hardy

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