Cops, Parades, and Open Carry

No surprise to the rest of us though absolutely NOTHING happened.  While at the Genesee community days today the wife and I were open carrying.  There were numerous sheriffs deputies and state patrol walking around the area.  While there we saw something quite interesting form in the sky.


We stopped and chatted with the local sheriff after spotting a funnel cloud and took the opportunity for pictures.


We actually chatted with him for an extended period of time about open carry and different things he’s run into.  Evidently people often come up to him when working events like this and the county fair informing him of people who are carrying firearms.  His response to them is usually along of lines of, "and this is a problem because.”  It reminded me of the Pullman PD officer I met who looked at the person freaking out and pointed at the gun on his hip and said, “I have a gun, what’s the difference?”


It’s Idaho and as he put it, “It’s all that remains of the Western frontier.”  It’s talking with officers like him that reminds me while some are driving the us versus them wedge, it is by no means all officers doing it.  Especially since he has evidently gone to Boomershoot.  I told him he needs to come again.

To further put the icing on the cake, I gave Mike one of my blogger cards.  He had mentioned having a holster shirt but couldn’t remember the manufacturer.  After I was going to finish this post I was going to email him for the brand.  In my email I just got a message from him.  He has one of these and really likes it.  Anywhere else that whole exchange would probably have been forgotten.

There was a nice car show, here’s a simple set I did.


I got a bunch of pictures from the car show as well, but those will be processed slowly and will probably end up dumped on my photography site.

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