Know Your Target

When dealing with firearms: Know your target and what’s beyond it.

Betty Walker escorted the children inside and came back with a .38-caliber revolver. Finding her husband holding the barking dog with both hands, Betty Walker fired two shots, one of which hit her husband in the chest and the other struck the dog in the leg. Robert Walker Sr. 53, later died at a local hospital.

Incidents like this do nothing but add fuel for the Brady Campaign and their ilk. It is extremely sad that this woman lost her husband, however it was negligent to discharge a firearm given the current information. I have no clue what exactly happened, details are not that specific. However it is clear that her husband was holding onto the dog indicating close proximity. Given that the dog would have been trying to pull away, being sure of your target would have been extremely difficult in this instance. Not only that but in this instance over penetration could have also easily resulted in a hit on the husband.

Remember that your actions will reflect on all gun owners and not just yourself. A bullet once fired cannot be recalled, be absolutely sure when you pull that trigger.

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