The Answer is Simple: Don’t Be a Dick

It took a while for me to figure it out.  I was the kid off by himself in school.  Once people got to know me, they were like he’s cool, it’s that initial hump that’s always been my problem.

I do find from time to time I still feel like the kid in the corner again. I wonder now if I’m just obnoxious and disliked, well if that’s the case I also remember Mr. Adams was and I have since learned to embrace it and work it to my advantage.  Note you can be both of those without being a dick.

I don’t blame anyone for a lack of traffic to my site, and evidently that makes me not normal.  I have discovered, since I finally started writing up regularly, that if I write something the traffic will follow.  Most of those complaining want instant gratification of getting hundreds of readers overnight.  I know that’s not going to happen. 

Looking at my stats on site meter and Google analytics though for the month of July, traffic was up 544% in site views over last year.  Yeah the site is 3 years old, yet I didn’t really start posting regularly till the beginning of this year.  At which point my traffic grew by 482% from the previous month.  My monthly traffic has now finally doubled what Joe gets in just daily traffic, but it is growing.   The more blogs I write, the more I have out there for people to find and explore.  I have figured that out and my original goal this year was a post a day.  I have since modified that to average a post a day.  Some times I have nothing to write about, other times I have stuff to do, and I can’t stop my life for my blog.

This has been a huge learning experience and I have approached it from the point of view of an explorer entering a new land, wanting to figure thing out for himself.  I have finally figured out the wonder of having continuing series.  I have three, one of which I need to take more pictures before I continue, another that is waiting for the next installment (I have been thoroughly exhausted from work lately and don’t feel like thinking about things relating to it on the weekends), and lastly a series shedding light where others would rather it remain dark.

The big thing with getting traffic is you need a couple things:

  • Have something to say.
  • Say it well, and convey your message.
  • Provide something that people want to find out.

That first point is often a problem for me, I have trouble finding words or how to describe something.  Believe it or not I actually really hate writing.  It is the only way to get better at writing however. Yes it’s frustrating writing something up and for some reason it goes around the circle and you see it show up elsewhere without a peep in your direction.  Ultimately though who cares, you provided a voice towards the item that needed attention.  I do this for me, no one else, I seriously don’t really make any cash off of this venture either.  Not to say I wouldn’t like to subsidize my costs, but money is not a deal maker or breaker.

The third point is another difficulty.  Often I have trouble finding something that no one else has talked about.  Slowly though I’m getting sources for stuff to break something new, which helps considerably.  

Ultimately getting traffic and links boil down to one absolute principal, Don’t Be a Dick.  A lack of traffic is NOT a conspiracy against you.  Seriously if you act like a dick to people in within the environment you’re writing about, they’re going to throw your ass out.  Some people have figured this out, other’s haven’t.  If you don’t like being the kid in the corner, stop acting like a dick, and most certainly don’t disrespect people that your target community happens to respect.

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TMM is the owner, editor, and principal author at The Minuteman, a competitive shooter, and staff member for Boomershoot. Even in his free time he’s merging his love and knowledge of computers and technology with his love of firearms. Many know his private name and information however due to the current political climate, many are distancing themselves due to the abandonment of Due Process.

3 Responses to The Answer is Simple: Don’t Be a Dick

  1. Linoge says:

    Is it just me, or does every time anyone else read the words “Don’t be a dick”, they hear Vin Diesel saying them in the back of their heads?

    Or is no one else getting that reference…? 🙂

    • Barron Barnett says:

      Nope, I hear Diesel say it. At least it might be Diesel, if not it’s Stf. Sgt. Suiet, the only man who could actually intimidate me without trying. When Gunny put him in charge of PT we all cried, cause we knew it was going to be hell.

      The guy was a freaking machine, awesome personality, and he was with the Marines when they went into Somalia. We all heard stories about what happened while he was there. They were the leave that man alone stories. Last I heard he breezed through BUDs.

  2. apparently someone lost their says:

    […] I get the impression we will be discussing, or at least touching on, the general-purpose notion of, "Don’t be a dick"*, and I likewise get the impression that my name was offered up for the sacrifice honor of […]