SSCC #58-Seattle PD

Two brothers allege in a lawsuit that they were falsely investigated as bank robbers because a Seattle police officer was upset about the way he had been treated at a popular longshoremen’s bar that all three men frequented.

Basically this whole incident boils down to your standard guy gets dumped and seeks vendetta against the replacement.  Don’t believe me?

The suit alleges Waters developed a "malice and animus" toward Alan Jeffries shortly before the 2009 incident after Waters broke up with a bartender at the Chelan and saw Jeffries flirt with her. Waters became more jealous after he was excluded from a George Clinton concert attended by Jeffries, the bartender and others.

The officer [Waters] then arrests the two brothers on suspicion of bank robbery despite not matching the actual description.  All charges including the obstruction charge was dropped after the officer didn’t bother to show up at the court hearing.

Basically what’s going on is the PD that is oh so great at letting officers shoot peaceful people, also lets officers arrest people on trumped up charges.  Because why punish an officer for making false or fraudulent arrests?

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 58

Because when you’re a cop, no one flirts with your girl and gets away with it.  That’s why they run the jails right?

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