Accountability: Social Worker in Pittsburgh

Looks like I might create a happier post series to go along with the State Sponsored Criminal Count.  This one however will be much happier.  The bottom line is when you see a state official getting held accountable for doing something stupid, it goes in the series.

I posted earlier about the judge ruling that the owners of a dog who was killed by an officer during a B.S. search could in fact file civil suit against the officer.  Well this one is even better.

Social workers must stand trial for seizing a newborn baby without finding out whether a poppy-seed bagel could have caused the child’s mother to test positive for a trace amount of opiates, a federal judge ruled.

From reading the court filing the social worker only accepted the least credible information indicating “possible exposure to opiates.”  Disregarding all other evidence to the contrary, including other medical information that proved it the test to be in error.  Then after the social worker discovered her error, she continued to refuse to return the child.

Why would this qualify under the accountability series, this oh so wonderful series of words:

The caseworker, Chrissy Montague, claimed she was entitled to immunity
from suit because her petition for a court order to confiscate the baby
was done in furtherance of her statutory mandate to protect children
from abuse.

Cercone said that claim was “wide of the mark.”

“These allegations identify decisions and actions that are beyond the
petitioning and ministerial functions and are predicated on factual
assertions that do not establish entitlement to immunity as a matter of
,” Cercone wrote.

Emphasis mine. The thought of one of these baby stealing, moral pushing, doughassed pricks finally being held accountable like this makes me all giddy inside.  It’s not some jack booted thug on a no-knock, but it’s certainly a start and on a subject just as terrifying.

All I can think of is this phrase from The New Guy.

So, tonight I’ll work on creating a submission form for yet another series.  Hopefully this one will be better for people’s health reminding them there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  What I do need though is a catchy witty title.  If you have ideas, please throw them in the comments.  Seriously though if you see one, email it to me.  Common, these events are not.

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