Late to the Meme Again

So all the cool kids whipped out their knives earlier this week to show off what they normally carry.  I was busy, blah, blah, blah, but here’s my normal carry knives.


That is my primary knife, it’s a SOG Trident Tanto.  That thing gets put through it’s paces between opening stuff and work and general light use in the shop.  I don’t use it for heavy work in the shop because that’s what quick change utility knifes are for.  The above is kept sharp and I’ll use for food at restaurants that don’t give me decent cutlery.  I’ll use it for light skinning, though I have a couple other knives I prefer to use for hunting as the blades are easier to work with.


That is a SOG PowerLock EOD.  It is by far the best multi-tool I’ve ever used.  Some multi-tools have a weird feeling in your hand as you try to use the pliers, not these.  They are rock solid no matter the angle of the handles.  Those get used all the time at work for crimping, cutting, and other various wire work that I need to do.

I’m a bit partial to SOG since they’re made here in Washington.  I have a Buck that’s worn well, but nothing has taken the abuse like my SOGs.

SSCC Honorable Mention-TSA

One of the top federal Transportation Security Administration officials
in the state of Mississippi has been arrested in connection with the
killing of TSA worker Stacey Wright.

Evidently the TSA is now eating it’s own.  The article is seriously devoid of details.  This incident did not happen while on the job so it is only an honorable mention.

Why would I bother to mention it though?  Well it’s actually quite simple, the TSA constantly informs us how strict their screening process is and how we should trust their employees.

Yet time after time we see exactly the opposite is true.

This might very well be a full criminal count as it may have started as an illicit affair which the senior official then became worried about it becoming public, but that speculation and who really knows. 

What is known is that a senior TSA official, responsible for screening has been arrested in connection with the murder of one of his employees.

Does that sound like the type of person you want to allow into the details and personal areas of your life?  Remember he’s a senior official, not just a lowly peon.

SSCC #101–LA County Sheriff alerts us to an LA Times article covering a recent trial in which a private citizen’s cellphone video proved officers lied about an arrest, resulting in the acquittal of a young man accused of carrying a concealed firearm.

If it hadn’t been for that video that kid would be going to jail. If anyone had lied as blatantly as those officers they very likely could be nailed for perjury.  Those officers though have their testimony treated like gold, worth more than any other individuals.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 101, Deputy Levi Belville

Because the real reason cops hate video cameras is it proves and shows when they’re lying.

*I’m working on returning to our regularly scheduled program.  The past 3 days have been rough at work with long meetings.  I’ve got other stuff going on through Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to play catch up on Sunday.  My brain wants to say more on this topic, but it’s just too tired.

**via Ry

It Can’t Happen Here–Rollins College

The cops chased the wrong car and wound up arresting an armed man on a school campus.  Rollins College is a gun free zone.  The only thing permitted for self-defense is a spray, provided it is used correctly. 


Despite the rules, someone still went on campus with a firearm, oh boy, how did that happen?!

Its not like there is a magic barrier that prevents guns from finding their way on campus.

Ouch, Even the Hometown Agrees

You know it’s bad for Obama when even his “hometown”, the bastion of corrupt politics, starts explaining why he shouldn’t run for reelection.

But there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election. He can scrap the campaign, bag the fundraising calls and never watch another Republican debate as long as he’s willing to vacate the premises by Jan. 20, 2013.

Seriously, that’s got to hurt.  Then again fearless leader is so dense he might read the article and some how think it’s a compliment.

Read the whole thing, there’s some awesome line’s in there.  I think my personal favorite is:

Someone said that when a man is smitten with a beautiful woman, he
should remember that somebody somewhere is tired of her. Likewise, the
most inspiring presidents get stale after years of constant

It’s by no means the first time I’ve seen this analogy, but it’s down right amazing to see these come out of an editor at the Chicago Times of all places.

I’m not counting my chickens yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the GOP auger the Presidential election into the ground.  At the same time there’s a large uphill battle the Democrats are going to have just to retain the presidency.  I think I should start a pool on who’s going to screw the pooch.

SSCC HM–Monterey County Social Services

A former social worker has pled no-contest to possession of child pornography and has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which 30 will be served, and probation.

But it get’s even better though folks.

His job while he was a social worker?  He worked in the child welfare unit with foster children.

How sweet, I guess he went to work with children so he could help them I supposed.  Makes me wonder what other shenanigans he was up to on the job.

Seriously, just because someone works for the government or is an elected official doesn’t provide them with some magical blanket that makes them special.  Well there is the magical blanket that keeps them from getting stiffer penalties than the rest of us.

Normally I’ve got some witty comment to go here.  This one though just makes me sick.

*The actual article is blacklisted.  So I got to rewrite the information and link to a third party.


SSCC #100–Las Vegas PD

I was wondering what to use for #100.  There were a few incidents I could think of historically that I had already covered that fit rolling over to 3 digits.

Erik turned to find three officers facing him, guns drawn, and all three shouting different commands: “Get on the ground!” “Drop your weapon!” “Keep your hands up!” Erik held his hands up, spoke calmly, told them he DID have a concealed firearm and a legal CCW and was an ex-Army officer. His girlfriend was screaming about Erik being a West Point grad, former Army officer, etc. Erik leaned to his left, hands still up, to expose the pistol, and repeated, “I am disarming; I am disarming.” Witnesses say he started to lower his right hand, palm OUT, perhaps intending to remove holster and gun together — but never got the hand below his shoulder, when one of the cops (believed to be William Mosher, who had committed a fatal shooting in 2006) shot Erik in the chest with a .45-caliber semi-automatic weapon. Erik dropped to his knees, clearly in shock, his face a picture of disbelief. He was shot a second time and collapsed. The rest is ugly. The three officers unloaded again, firing a total of seven hollow-point rounds. At least four, possibly five, hit Erik in the back, after he was on the ground and dying.

It ends up that Erik’s firearm never left it’s holster.  The call from Costco evidently also primed the pump for the officers to “see some action”.  The entire incident was a gigantic Charlie Foxtrot from the very beginning.  No single officer was in command, everyone was.  No effort was done to be civil or just find out what was going on.

Their solution to the problem was determined by them before they even got there.  We’ve seen that type of behavior before and it never ends well.

During the investigation some of the testimony was quite disturbing.  From the testimony it sounds like the Pima County Sherriff took lessons for the Gurerena raid.  Officers started shooting and didn’t know exactly why.  They felt justified because their fellow officers were shooting so their must be danger.

Self-restraint is a very important personality trait.  Even more important when your actions and behavior can cause a chain of events that will result in the death of an innocent.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 100

Because if you’re a cop the mere fact someone has a firearm constitutes them using force against you.

via Sandra

SSCC #99–Middlesex County

Three boats, a car and an undisclosed amount of money: that’s what Guy Abbot is accused of obtaining illegally while he was employed as Sheriff in Middlesex County.

Abbot received 25 felony indictments handed down from a Middlesex County special grand jury.

Just the type of guy you want enforcing the law right?  Often when people do crap like this you hear about “paid administrative leave” a taxpayer funded vacation however apparently Guy Abbot is a special case.

Abbot was arrested Thursday, but he is already back at work as Sheriff after being released on a personal recognizance bond.

A lot of private companies will fire you just upon being charged with a felony.  If you get a job as a police officer though you can not only keep your job.  Talk about taking a the term “Job Security” to a whole new level.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 99 – Guy Abbot

Because evidently when you’re a cop, 25 felonies translates to keep up the good work.