SSCC #85–FBI, Alameda and Martinez Police

Police and FBI agents arrested a drug suspect in Alameda on Wednesday, but not before mistakenly trying to raid a home across the street belonging to a network TV reporter and her political consultant husband.

Officers intended to carry out a follow-up raid Wednesday, but didn’t realize that Ung had sold the four-bedroom home to the Clemenses about three months ago and is renting a home across the street.

Awesome police work there sparky!  Guess all those delayed notice warrants for terrorism have really aided the police in doing their job haven’t they?  Seriously why do these mentally degenerate morons never think to actually verify the person they’re looking for lives there first.  Then at least when they point their guns as someone and try to arrest them they at least know they are dealing with the right person.

It reminds me of a scene from Demolition Man

Chief: "While you were sleeping, everyone in the city was installed code. Sensors all over the city can zero in on anyone at any time. I can’t even conceive a visual of what you police officers did before it was developed."

Stallone: "We worked for a living. This fascist crap makes me want to puke."

Now days instead of working for a living, they just kick down any door and shoot whoever’s inside.  No worries about consequences though, the law protects them from such silly things.  Though in this case we didn’t hear about them shooting the dog.  Though I think Ry was right when he said, “Of course, she’s a reporter, so they didn’t shoot her dog.”  Cause while they shoot other peoples dogs, this one would be guaranteed to be in the news for the next month until a settlement was paid out.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 85 (Sure there’s more involved, but I have no clue how many.)

Because police work is now for chumps since qualified immunity means that no matter how bad you screw up, you’re still justified and squeaky clean.

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The Truth About the TSA

So many of you saw my last rant about the TSA.  Well more information keeps coming out, and it just keeps getting better and better.  I’m going all Kevin Baker on this now cause I’m going from simply annoyed and pissed, to all out furious.  I have a feeling that I’m going to end up in all out JayG Hate-Rage here soon.

Organized State Sponsored Corruption

First up, a nice hustle:

Suddenly, a small middle-aged woman wearing a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) uniform moved along that line, pushing a wheelchair while asking, in a thick non-English accent, if anyone was in need of her help.

Zoom. Off we went, the four of us, circumventing roughly an hour’s shuffle line, until we reached the screening stations. Along the way, the woman in the TSA uniform said in her broken English, “I take care of you; you take care of me.”

The TSA has nothing to do with security and everything to do with providing a sandbox where criminals, thieves, and hustlers can attack their victims while they are held at gun point by their own government.  Don’t believe me that it’s government sponsored?

I reached into my pocket, selected a $5 bill from a fold, and conspicuously handed it to her. No moderately alert TSA or NTSB uniformed personnel in the vicinity could have missed it. It was clear: I was paying off a uniformed TSA worker officer for privileged access.

Every last person there working for the government was complicit in the behavior.  I have heard some say that if they were paid better they wouldn’t risk it by stealing or committing crimes.  I call bull shit and here’s why.

  • Anything they steal is extra income under the table.  Tax free, no snooping about, free to do with it what they wish.
  • They are immune even when they are caught.  Sometimes they’re fired, but that’s usually someone who I find probably should have won a Darwin award as a small child.  Instead due to all parents being so risk adverse their kid made it through childhood to steal and molest us, such wonderful parents wishing the pain of their offspring upon the world.
  • Why should they be paid more than the people actually paying their salaries?  I work my ass off, went to school, and most of those illiterate tree dwellers never even graduated high school.  Why should they be paid more just so they wont steal from me?  That argument sounds like the Barbary Pirates asking for tribute.

I could start to list all the other instances of state sponsored criminals but I have a series dedicated to that.  Here are some of the other incidents I have talked about previously that the TSA is responsible for. 

A Black Hole Consuming Money at Ever Increasing Rates

First we will look at the costs of training up workers.

It cost $1 billion just to train workers, which now number more than 62,000, and “they actually trained more workers than they have on the job,” Mica said.

Wait, they’re training more workers than they currently have jobs for?  Why in the Sam hell would they do something like that?

“As part of TSA’s ongoing efforts to ensure staffing efficiency, TSA requested a new authority to be able to continue to utilize early retirement as needed through 2013,” the agency said in a statement provided to The Hill.

”By lowering the age and service requirements, and increasing the number of employees eligible for retirement, TSA will be able to efficiently manage its resources as the agency stays ahead of evolving threats,” the statement continued.

Oh now it makes sense.  Get some people to work for you, then offer them early retirement on the taxpayer dime.  Lets not forget either about how the TSA has been allowed to unionize.  They are already robbing the private sector blind by over hiring, and then offering the excess hires early retirement.

This must be Obama’s job stimulus right? Hire people using the stimulus bill and retire the others currently working here?  Think about that, if a business ran their books and hiring practices like that they would be broke.  Oh wait, what’s the current debt clock count again?

They Create Even Further Security Problems

The TSA through their hiring practices have actually added problems to the one’s they’re supposedly attempting to solve.  For instance take the ability for unverified personnel to be able to access secure area’s in airports.  The TSA solved this problem right?  If you said yes, you’re wrong.

This month a federal audit reveals that, after nearly a decade, the TSA still can’t guarantee that agents working in “secure” areas of airports don’t pose a risk. That’s because the agency doesn’t always verify the identity of job applicants or even their legal status against a government immigration database.

This means that the TSA can’t account for agency employees with access to secure areas of airports, according to a Homeland Security Inspector General report made public a few days ago.

Wait, the TSA has provided a path to allow unsecured personnel access to secured areas!?  I thought these guys were big into security and understood the importance of validating people are who they say they are.

Couple issues like this along with lost uniforms and other identification materials.  And it further illustrates how the TSA is really just A Security Theater.  If anything they have increased the attack area for airports.

Not to mention the fact that the backups caused by their “security” actually provide an even better point of attack that taking down an airplane itself.  Instead of getting just a single plane, imagine getting a whole terminal?  That’s what happens when you create choke points where a lot of people are congregated at.  Moving forward from that though, how would you effectively defend against that?  You really can’t apart from screening before everyone gets stuck at that single choke point.  For example as you enter the airport, but honestly that isn’t entirely effective now is it? 

TSA Violating Common Health Practices Concerning Radiation

The TSA body scanners emit ionizing radiation in some instances.  What is disturbing is that the TSA will not allow employees to wear proper safety equipment that is normally required when working around radioactive material.  Not to mention the fact that the machines weren’t even certified by NIST like Napolitano claimed, but NIST doesn’t even do equipment safety checks like that.

It gets better though because many claim repeatedly how safe those machines are.  Yet there was an incident of the machines giving higher doses.  Not to mention the fact they detected a woman’s IUD.  While they may test the machine on a lower setting, it is obviously capable of a larger dose.  Remember that ionizing radiation is cumulative, the exposure meter doesn’t reset to 0 after you’ve been away for a while.  The more you fly, or are exposed to other sources through your work, the more your risk goes up.

So it is completely unsurprising I would see something like this in the news then:

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

Unsurprisingly the TSA promptly began the game of cover your ass, trying to downplay the issue and suppress the significance of the situation.  They needed to continue the belief that the government could do no wrong and is as infallible as god herself.

The Parents Are Noticing 

It gets better though since the person responsible for the creation of the TSA stated the following:

“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”

As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”

There are many that believe that the government can solve our problems, and if it can’t immediately the solution is a bigger government.  That’s like saying your house is on fire and you’re going to put it out by setting fired to the other side.  Government just creates new issues, they don’t solve them.  Even more importantly they cannot solve a problem such as terrorism.

Previously it was mentioned how A Security Theater is doing nothing more than being reactionary and operating like a defensible position, I’m not alone in that connection since even Mica noticed.

One of the most important rules in the world is to never bite the hand that feeds you.  Well the TSA has a knack for doing exactly that.

The people who have been hired to do these jobs have the mental brain pan of a cockroach and the moral compass of a New Orleans pimp.  It appears that this was a government program that started with “noble intent” claiming necessity but in reality was nothing more than a wealth redistribution plan.  In the end that’s all government does.  It takes wealth from one group of individuals and gives it to another, whether or not that wealth was actually earned is irrelevant.  It has been the role of our political system to elect people to steal from others by the force of government.  While not everyone is this way, it has become the goal of the simple majority of the electorate.  It is wrong, it is immoral, it is despicable, and it has to stop.  How we actually stop it though I am unsure.

Late to the meme

Like Alan I’m late to the meme party.  My buddy Phil put this up and for some reason I didn’t even think much about it.  Stupid work, because I love soundtrack questions like thatAlan’s choice to use as his ammo runs out is down right awesome.  Tam’s is down right slick

I have to admit it’s something hard to think about since it would mean that I made a horrible decision in planning.  I mean large zombie hordes are why I have Joe teaching me about explosives.  Why use a rifle to take out 2 or 3 when I can blow 20 to hell and gone from a nice distance?  But assuming I utterly screwed the pooch in planning what would I want slinging across my MP3 Player?

This would work… not too fast, and provides the motivation necessary to WIN!

Even if I run out of ammo, by god between my bayonet and my rifle I’m leaving as the last son of a bitch still standing on top of the hill.  I can stab, bludgeon, and otherwise fight by any other means necessary.

Runner’s up.

Night on Bald Mountain

Still Alive

Keep Hope Alive – Crystal Method


“I don’t feel like I did anything wrong,” maintains Toussain Puddie, the 32-year-old former TSA screener who took home Rick Case’s pen and now faces grand-theft charges at the behest of Case and his family.

Basically the incident rolls like this.  TSA agent see’s pen.  TSA agent likes pen.  TSA agent now want’s pen and confiscates it.  TSA agent then takes pen home as his own personal property.

What kind of pen in question would he want to steal?  One of these.  The exact pen in question is valued at $450 dollars.

In this case he’s being held accountable, but only because the owner who’s property was stolen is wanting to press charges.  The bottom line is the TSA is nothing more than thieves and pilferers who prey upon those just trying to get from point a to b.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 84, Toussain Puddie

Because if you see something you want and you work for the TSA, just confiscate it and take it home.

SSCC #83: San Antonio

A 14-year-old boy got into a fight at a school bus stop and the school district’s police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy’s mother says. She says the cop had been reprimanded 16 times in the previous 4 years, suspended without pay 5 times, and “recommended for termination for insubordination,” but the school kept him on the force “without remedial training.”

Basically the cop was told just let the kid go, we’ll find him later there’s no need to exacerbate the situation and just stay with the victim.  What’s he do instead, throw the victim in the back of his patrol car, drive around the neighborhood looking for him.  At this point the kid is hiding in a garden shed.

Owner of the shed calls police disturbed, and as expected officer hero is the first to arrive.  This is what followed:

Nonetheless, she says: “In violation of NISD police department procedures, Alvarado drew his weapon immediately after exiting the patrol car. With his gun drawn, he rushed through the gate and into the back yard. Within seconds from arriving at the residence, Alvarado shot and killed the unarmed boy hiding in the shed.”

Because at this point he had every reason in the world to believe that the use of deadly force against a 14 year old kid that is hiding because he’s terrified will be totally justified.  Right?  Heaven forbid you just try and talk the child out of the garden shed.  Why would anyone bother to try and be civil about this and not run to the use of force?  Oh that’s right he’s a cop, this is what would happen instead:

Rather than fire Alvarado, the district transferred him to patrol, “an area of duty with less supervision,” according to the complaint.

Seriously instead of being punished, note he’s been moved to a location with less supervision.  Also he’s been reprimanded 16 times.  Between this guy and Officer Roid Rage there’s a clear pattern developing.  Cops are getting get our of jail free cards and evidently they even work with the unlawful use of lethal force.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 83Daniel Alvarado

Because being a cop allows you to play hero and be judge, jury, and executioner.  Didn’t you see Judge Dread?

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Random Thought Of The Day

There is actually a huge market now for chastity belts other than those who have strange kinks.  They can be applied and used while going through airport screenings to help prevent sexual assaults like this.  It’s kind of hard for someone to grab your junk through metal, plastic, or any other stiff material.  Besides, you just need to wear it while going through the security check point.

Tonight’s posts are going to lean heavily towards the TSA.  My inbox has exploded with different articles regarding different incidents with the cancer that is the TSA.

*My brain was wondering because of all the articles I’ve seen today.  This is what happens when I’m listening to VC at the same time.

SSCC Honorable Mention–San Diego PD

… Sgt. Dan Cerar’s frequent reference to victims of crimes as “whores, sluts, and liars;” exclusion of female detectives from the male “dress down” Thursday shooting practice; … the patter and practice by male detectives (Fletes and Hershman) of referring to female detectives as “sugar tits” and/or commenting on the “racks” of female victims, co-workers, and advocates; reference by Lt. Rick O’Hanlon that the Sex Crimes unit has a “chromosome problem”…

So if you don’t feel like reading all 12 pages of the complaint, the above is just one of the shining examples of the issues within the San Diego PD.  What I find most disturbing is that this was in the Sex Crimes unit.

These individuals have absolutely no respect for women, and I wouldn’t doubt that each of these beer swilling, crotch rotting, roid raging,  jocks regularly abused and mistreated women while they were in college.  I don’t see how anyone like that should be in law enforcement at all, much less in direct contact with people who will have gone through some of the worst mental trauma imaginable.

Seriously I want to continue the rant but the rage is just too much.

The names getting the honorable mention:

  • Sgt. Dan Cerar
  • Det. Carl Hershman
  • Det. Edward Fletes
  • Lt. Rick O’Hanlon

Because when a woman is raped it’s totally her fault and the dress she was wearing.  It’s true because the cop said so!


In February 2008, Burgos bought a Hydra-Ram II hydraulic pump, which police and firefighters use to break down doors in emergencies, and gave it to the leader of a “violent robbery crew,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in announcing the sentence.

Basically he was the equivalent of the ATF in Operation Gunwalker.  He was supplying arms and munitions to known criminals.  He felt that these criminals were exempt since they were only attacking other criminals.

Ends up what was going on is they were executing raids like no-knocks on confirmed dealers and suspected dealers.  Stealing anything and everything they could.

While Burgos didn’t join the gang, he most certainly aided their efforts as well as helped shield them from being caught.

Initially I was going to call this an honorable mention, but this is just another example of just letting someone else do the dirty work for you while you keep their hands clean.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 82

Because you should ignore violent criminals if they’re just attacking other criminals or suspected criminals.  The cash says so.