SSCC HM–Monterey County Social Services

A former social worker has pled no-contest to possession of child pornography and has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which 30 will be served, and probation.

But it get’s even better though folks.

His job while he was a social worker?  He worked in the child welfare unit with foster children.

How sweet, I guess he went to work with children so he could help them I supposed.  Makes me wonder what other shenanigans he was up to on the job.

Seriously, just because someone works for the government or is an elected official doesn’t provide them with some magical blanket that makes them special.  Well there is the magical blanket that keeps them from getting stiffer penalties than the rest of us.

Normally I’ve got some witty comment to go here.  This one though just makes me sick.

*The actual article is blacklisted.  So I got to rewrite the information and link to a third party.


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