SSCC #158 – Vermont State Police

Troopers responded to a home April 6 at the request of developmental services and mental health professionals. The man with disabilities including Down syndrome, was told by care providers that he needed to be taken to a new placement. He refused to get dressed and accompany the caregivers. When troopers arrived, they attempted to escort the man from the home, but he pulled away. Trooper Paul Mosher, who is assigned to the Derby barracks, deployed his Taser.

Because someone who isn’t really aware of whats going on but just knows that the world he knows is being upended is totally in need of a shot with a Taser.  The only outcome of this was that Vermont has altered it’s policy on the use of force with a taser.  The officer involved however has not been disciplined or removed from duty.

As The Minutewoman is currently working with people such as the victim and I have spent a lot of time around them it bugs the living hell out of me when I see crap like this.  Seriously I wouldn’t mind seeing that damn taser disappear due to the attitude cops place towards it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 158: Trooper Paul Mosher

Because when someone sees his world crashing around them, the proper response is to tase them into accepting it.

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