SSCC #156 – NYPD

A stray-bullet victim says she was held prisoner for five days at a Brooklyn police station because detectives didn’t believe her story about the shooting, the Daily News has learned.

The victim was denied an appearance before a judge. Was denied access to the facilities. As this was all going on she was berated as if she was lying about the incident with no evidence to the contrary.

She said detectives insisted she had been shot during a lovers’ quarrel.

“They were trying to get me to say it was my friend who shot me,” recalled Griffin, who is seeking $5 million from the city.

“He never had a gun,” she said. “I told them he was gay; we had gone to a gay club the night before.”

The friend offered to take a lie detector test and submit to a gunshot residue test on his hands, she said. He was released that morning; she was held.

To add further insult to injury there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest that was a clerical error. This was corrected, but not until she was finally able to see a judge.

The only problem I have with the monetary settlements like this is it’s paid by the police departments insurance company. It should be taken out of the pockets of the officers involved as well as their superiors. This includes going all the way up the path to the chief.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 156: John Doe

Because despite a lack of evidence if you think someone’s guilty lock them up without legal representation.  It’s not as if you’re going to have to pay for the deprivation of rights under color of law.

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