SSCC #148 – Detroit PD

Seriously, I do wonder how it took this long for the Detroit police department to end up on the list. The list has grown so fast I completely forgot about the previous Detroit PD incident.

A Detroit police officer, accused of wrongfully being reimbursed for going to court on days he didn’t go, has been charged, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

Billing for work you didn’t do.  Possibly billing for overtime for those days as well.  Yet, he still has a job.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 148 – Frank Senter

Because who cares when you’re just stealing public money.

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SSCC #147 – Kansas City PD

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Well folks, here’s number three all within a week!

A former Kansas police officer and school board member has pleaded no contest in federal court to attempting to entice a minor for illicit sex.

But he was just a school board member I hear you cry, but wait there’s more.

Duncan was the Lansing, Kan., department’s “Officer of the Year” in 2008 and had served as a DARE officer and coordinator of the Safe Kids program. 

Yet again a predator sat in plain view of the public, put there in a professional capacity to protect them, to find his prey amongst his intended victims.  While he may be getting a severe punishment, the fact of the matter remains that the government has created these types of opportunities for predators.  

State Sponsored Criminal Count #147 – William Brian Duncan

Because predators are wolves and their goal is to not be seen by either their prey, or predators who would protect the prey.  The best option is to appear to be the predator protecting the prey who’s really eating the prey.

Welcome to Gattaca

Apparently, people now, in the US, have the ability to screen their future offspring In vitro and choose which embryo to keep and which to “discard”.  Not only can gender be selected, but genetic diseases can be tested for and culled out by not choosing the vulnerable embryos.

DNA analysis of human embryos are also currently used to
determine vulnerability to illnesses such as Down syndrome, hemophilia,
kidney disease and cystic fibrosis, according to Kisken.

People seem to want this ability without realizing the consequences of their own actions.  When I read the article, a particular movie came to mind.  Gattaca, despite being science-fiction, is scary on the basis that it is indeed plausible.  Steps are being taken to lead us in that direction.  It is getting harder and harder to have a natural birth in hospitals.  Doctors feel it is safer for a woman to give birth via Cesarean section (though i think they are just thinking about their pocketbooks).  Pretty soon, it this keeps up, women will not be able to have a natural conception, let alone a natural birth if they so please.  With the government spreading its grimy little fingers into every facet of our daily lives, it would not surprise me if the new healthcare will start to require In vitro fertilization and screening.  To “ease” the requirements of the public health system.  Next thing you know, you won’t be able to exchange any bodily fluids without a permit to do so.  As one will have to be screened as fit for reproduction.

Just as in Gattaca, embryos will be screened for genetic superiority and if a child is conceived and born by natural means, that child will be classified inferior, provided the pregnancy is even allowed to go to term.  What better way to induce someone into wanting to get an abortion if there is no way to obtain health insurance for their child.  The only way to make it anywhere in life will be through registration as a genetically superior being.

Stop playing God, all it does is allow discrimination of the “lesser beings”.  

SSCC #146 – Richland County

This one goes in the count for much the same reasons as #143.

Richland County deputies have arrested a uniformed Columbia police officer and charged him with prostitution.

How nice, he made sure to made sure to do this while he was being paid by the taxpayer.  But wait there’s more!

Officers say they found a 17-year-old female in the room and charged her with prostitution. Deputies say Cornish was located a few blocks away.

Not sure what the age of consent is in the state of South Carolina, but frankly when it comes to something like this I don’t really care.  Many who find themselves in that type of environment are victims in their own right.  This is like a tv telecast though because we’re not done.

CPD officers say Cornish is a school resource officer at W.A. Perry Middle School and has been with the Columbia Police Department since May 2009.

How nice.  He had a thing for the young one’s and his job provided him ready access as a predator.  The fact that he has been busted and already fired from his job says it’s not fully what this count was designed for.  Yet at the same time his job allowed him predatory access to his prey.  For that it still qualifies.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 146 – Mark Cornish

Because if you’re a high school resource officer, the thing to do is to hit on all the young ladies since you’re in a position of power… right?

SSCC #145 – ICE

Apparently ICE just couldn’t keep itself out of the count. So today is going to be a double on the SSCC.

On the night of October 20, 2010, Angel Enrique and Jesus Antonio were in bed in their small, two-bedroom apartment in the Clairmont complex in Nashville. The doors and windows were all shut and locked. Suddenly there was a loud banging at the door and voices shouting “Police!” and “Policia!” When no one answered, the agents tried to force the door open. Scared, Jesus hid in a closet. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents began hitting objects against the bedroom windows, trying to break in. Without a search warrant and without consent, the ICE agents eventually knocked in the front door and shattered a window, shouting racial slurs and storming into the bedrooms, holding guns to their heads. When asked if they had a warrant, one agent reportedly said, “We don’t need a warrant, we’re ICE,” and, gesturing to his genitals, “the warrant is coming out of my balls.”

Here’s what bugs me the most. There were 15 different residents affected by this raid, they detained people including a child purely because of their ethnicity.  This incident shows exactly what the Department of Homeland Security thinks of the Constitution and the law.  Just look at the VIPR program and the fact the TSA is now searching people traveling by bus as well as harassing truckers.  How long until they start stopping you on the way to work?  I would like to point out the double standard of the ALCU here.  They are more than happy to go after ICE over these incidents involving immigration, yet they sit on their hands when it comes to warrant-less searches during travel.

Tam’s comments regarding the indignities of Soviet Russia from the 80’s is looking like a positive compared to the down hill trend the DHS has placed us on.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 145 – John Doe

Because a warrant is just a technicality and doesn’t actually mean anything.  It saves us time and effort to skip the paperwork.  

SSCC #144 – Poulsbo WA

Deputies have arrested a former police evidence clerk accused of stealing at least two guns from the evidence room of the Poulsbo Police Department.

How did she possibly steal them out of the evidence lockup I hear you cry?  Quite elementary my dear Watson.  

Dixon, 23, of Kingston is accused of stealing a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun, which was recorded as having been destroyed in May. Dixon, an employee of the Poulsbo Police Department at the time, had signed the departmental records indicating she’d witnessed the destruction.

Then, when you think this situation couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Dixon’s boyfriend, 22-year-old Jacob J. Bryant, was driving Dixon’s car at the time of the crash. Bryant, a convicted felon, was arrested for investigation of illegal possession of a firearm.

See, that is what firearm “destruction” programs bring to the table.  The ability to provide black market firearms to people who are otherwise ineligible for ownership.  This wasn’t the first time this individual did that, and I’m sure she is by no means the first person to ever do such a thing.  She certainly won’t be the last.

If under the current law* someone becomes ineligible to have their firearm returned to them, the department should sell it to an FFL.  At least selling it to an FFL would provide a paper trail to follow with independent verification.  Please note, you do not actually have to have committed a crime with a firearm to have it confiscated and taken into evidence.  What’s worse is they can confiscate your firearms when you are charged with another crime.  In those cases a person loses thousands of dollars in property, while due process is followed, that’s a property loss a non-firearm owner doesn’t deal with.  How silly could a situation like that be since a person who would loose his rights to firearms must be a violent criminal, right!?.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 144 – Amanda M. Dixon

Because if a guns being destroyed, just save it for your felon boyfriend, I mean who’s going to notice, it was destroyed after all.

*My personal feeling is if you are deemed to be safe enough to be walking out among the general public, you qualify to own a firearm as self-defense is an undeniable right.  If you can’t be deemed to be safe with a firearm, you can’t be safe with a car, saw, or any other tool that just as easily works as a weapon.  But that’s not the law as it currently sits.

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Fast and Furious, Root Cause Analysis

Currently Eric Holder is screaming that the cause of guns going into Mexico was because of a “lack of gun control.”  There’s one problem with that though, it is false.  Not only is that statement blatantly false but in light of the evidence, given Operation Fast and Furious, gun control is what allowed those guns to walk to Mexico.  While it may seem humorous and a joke, the fact is it’s true.

I have largely been silent on Fast and Furious for one major reason.  There are a lot of other people covering it better and more in-depth than I possibly could.

To start off for those who are familiar with the term, root cause analysis is something used in engineering to identify problems to come up with solutions that don’t just hide the problem.  Ultimately proper root cause analysis should trace the problem to a point where you can turn the issue on and off like a light switch.  Now we’re going to trace back through the events and find the point where we can turn this issue that would turn this problem on and off.

What was Fast and Furious?

Fast and Furious otherwise known as Operation Gunwalker, was an operation conducted by the ATF under the guise of busting Mexican drug cartels.  This was done by forcing FFLs to complete illegal firearms transactions, purchasing firearms and handing them over to known criminals, and otherwise circumventing current law for criminals.

The ATF didn’t just allow guns to flow into the hands of criminals, but actively encouraged the practice. They purposely cleared transactions that were flagged. They performed the straw purchases themselves, delivering the weapons to known criminals. They instructed dealers to go ahead with transactions the dealers could tell were not “honest”.

Often when agents had followed the firearms they were told by their superiors to let the recipients go and not to follow them.  All of these actions violated existing law, yet the cause, as purported by Eric Holder, was a lack of gun control.

How did gun control cause Fast and Furious though?

The most direct route is the fact that this whole program was done with the mind of expanding gun control.  New gun control legislation and powers were the motivator behind the program.  Even as the program crashes and burns, pushes for new legislation based of the inflated numbers of Fast and Furious keep appearing.  The results of the program were used to force the long arms registry and to bolster support for additional funding for the ATF.

However the actions of the ATF have common threads with different agencies.  It is all a quest for money and power.  So we have to look back further to where the ATF got the root of its power and what allowed them to use this power to try to gain more.

The ATF is responsible for overseeing FFLs and ensuring adherence to existing firearms laws.  The can put a business that works in firearms under faster than any other.  The agency can halt a FFLs license during an investigation which can easily put them out of business.  So when the ATF asks a FFL to do something illegal, there ATF has all the leverage to make the dealer comply.  The only other option is for the FFL to go out of business under the weight of the ATF.

The ATF gained this power and latitude under the Gun Control Act of 1968.  Unsurprisingly allegations of abuse led to the Firearm Owners Protection Act to attempt to rein in the ATF.  The FOPA also stated different registry’s were prohibited from being enacted or run by the ATF, one of which they are attempting in the wake of Fast and Furious.

The depth of the corruption within the ATF and its drive to seek power through runs even deeper back to the National Firearms Act of 1934.  This provided the ATF, which was under the department of the Treasury at the time, the ability to enforce the newly created firearms laws.  This law laid the foundation for what would become the power-hungry space the ATF occupies today.

Both the GCA 1968 and the NFA 1934 are both pieces of legislation made in the effort to regulate firearms and limit their ownership.  The ATF blatantly violated existing laws during Operation Fast and Furious and went through considerable effort to arm and traffic firearms to prohibited persons.  All the while the ATF was clamoring for more gun control.  However many law-abiding citizens were left jumping through the hoops and difficulties of the existing maze of firearms legislation despite the appearance of lax laws created by the ATF.

Conclusion, Gun Control is the root cause

The ATF completely disregarded existing laws and regulations in conducting operation gun walker.  Many of those coerced into participating were in a situation that allowed the ATF leverage over them because of existing gun control legislation.  The ATF during the operation was petitioning congress for more gun control legislation, which it would be responsible for enforcement.

The ATF was also petitioning congress for additional funding for two reasons.  The first was a claim of a lack of resources to enforce existing law, which was false since they were expending resources to actually circumvent it.  The second was that it would need additional funding for enforcement of the expanded programs.

The root cause of Fast and Furious is gun control itself.  Existing gun control legislation provided the ATF with leverage over FFLs to coerce them into transactions they knew to be criminal.  Gun control provided the ATF with the resources and power to organize and conduct the operation.  Lastly, gun control was the root cause of the operation itself.  The operation was conducted in an effort to create a crisis that would warrant the further restriction of firearms.  This restriction would either be that of ownership by law-abiding citizens, or that in preventing new purchase by a law-abiding citizen.

Without the GCA of 1968 the ATF would not have had the leverage over a FFL to coerce them into proceeding with an illegal sale.  Without the NFA of 1934 the ATF would have never been the power-hungry beast it is today.

To say that a lack of gun control allowed Operation Fast and Furious is like saying a lack of prohibition let the DEA allow drugs to be smuggled across the border.  Oh wait, bad analogy, the DEA took part in Fast and Furious too.

If a lack of gun control allowed Operation Fast and Furious then violating the law to commit a treasonous act of war against a friendly neighbor is lacking in laws as well.

SSCC #143 – Bedford Co. VA

A former Bedford County sheriff’s deputy charged with taking indecent liberties with a child has been released on bond.  Ernest William Grubbs was released on a $5,000 bond.  Grubbs is due back in court on November 2nd to advise about his attorney.

Considering he was fired from his job immediately and is currently awaiting trial it is hard for me to call him a full criminal since he’s not going to get away with it.  That was until the following.

Grubbs was a School Resource Officer at Liberty High School.

He was responsible for watching out and protecting those kids.  Yet he was a predator.  A predator put there at the command of the state, provided with the perfect cover to be browsing for victims.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 143 – Ernest William Grubbs

Because what better way to hide as a child predator than in plain sight and have the state put you next to your prey.

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