It Can’t Happen Here – Memphis, TN

I’m a bit behind on this, but I haven’t forgotten about it.  Beale Street in Memphis, TN decided that it is going to ban guns on the entire street after restaurant carry was passed.  So based on that, nothing should happen right?  Cause guns are banned.  Well, tell that to the 6 people injured from a shooting in none other than the Beale Street district.

Later this month, Beale Street will break out the hand-held metal
detectors at the entrance points and use other security measures to keep
guns out of the three-block area day and night.

Based on the fact that there are metal detectors, how did someone get through with a gun?  Honestly, the detectors are just another form of security theater.

No matter what type of safe guards are in place, if a criminal wants to do something, laws are not going to stop them.

But, but, it can’t happen here, we have metal detectors to keep us safe.

H/T WizardPC

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