SSCC #132 – New Jersey State Police

While some would say he didn’t escape the wrath of punishment, many would say he certainly isn’t getting nearly enough.

A State Police trooper has been suspended for six months without pay
for using pepper spray on a suspect who was already handcuffed in the
back seat of a patrol car.

The trooper, Kevin Husband, tried to cover up his actions by saying
in State Police reports and again in an appeal hearing that the spraying
took place outside the car during a scuffle, according to documents
detailing the 2008 incident.

Nice, falsifying documents, assaulting someone while under arrest, and he’s left employed.  While he may get a suspension, the fact is these types of incidents should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The evidence indicated that the officer ultimately didn’t need to use the pepper spray in any case.  The fact that he attemped to cover up his actions indicates he knew it was wrong, and the cover up is worse than the act itself.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 132 – Kevin Husband

Because when you get bored on shift, pepper spray someone in cuffs contained in a car.  It will provide hours of laughter.

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