SSCC #184 – Bainbridge PD

Bainbridge police officer and Police Guild President Scott Weiss has been given a 160-hour suspension in lieu of termination after a Washington State Patrol investigation found that he followed Council member Kim Brackett to the home of Council member Bill Knobloch for “personal reasons.” According to a Notice of Discipline issued by City Manager Brenda Bauer and Police Chief Jon Fehlman, Weiss was on duty and in a patrol car when he followed Brackett after a meeting at City Hall in October of 2010.

Now this is a very creepy way to do some “investigative journalism”. Though it ends up he violated ethical guidelines and departmental policy..

The Notice of Discipline noted that Weiss’s actions were directed at leaders of his employing agency, and cited numerous violations of the Bainbridge Island Police Department Canon of Ethics and General Orders Manual.

Given his willingness to violate them and then blog about it, wouldn’t one deem it better for the public to actually fire his ass?

State Sponsored Criminal Count #184: Scott Weiss

Because ethics and general orders are really just a guideline and don’t really have to be followed.

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