SSCC #189 – TSA

Today we come back around to the same agency that kicked off this series.

The suspect, Harold Glen Rodman, 52, allegedly was wearing his uniform and displayed a badge to the victim, a 37-year-old woman.

Police arrested Rodman on Nov. 20. He is charged with aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and
abduction with intent to defile.

So, he flashed his badge and then violated a woman. I wonder how many women he violated while being paid by the government to use that same badge.  This got filed under the ICHH as well since neighbors were shocked to hear about a neighbor facing charges.

Another rant is brewing, but I’ve covered the TSA so much I’m thumping wanting to just beat the living hell out of these people.  In the mean time keep your eyes pealed and feel free to send stuff in.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 189: Harold Glen Rodman

Because when the government issues you a badge and tells you to molest people, you just can’t stop.

SSCC #188 – Jackson PD

Charges have been upgraded to Capital Murder against Jackson Police
Detective Natyyo Gray. He had been charged with felony child abuse in
the death of a one-year-old child.

No mention if he has been fired from his job yet. The abuse was discovered after the child was admitted into the hospital was severe abdominal injuries.  While he’s being charged with murder there is no mention of his dismissal from the department.  So this is going to stand in the full count unless new information arises.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #188:

I’ve got nothing on this one.

SSCC #186, #187 – Chicago PD

A bistate crackdown on the Latin Kings street gang on Friday snared two
Chicago Police officers accused of using their badges to rob people in
Northwest Indiana and Illinois.

Imagine that, officers of the law acting to the detriment of society to support their gang.  While these individuals were caught this is being included in the count because in Chicago, the city where they concealed carry is prevented, obtaining a firearm is overly difficult, and overall the leadership believes that one should rely on the police department for assistance.

State Sponsored Criminal Count:

186: Alex Guerrero

187: Antonio Martinez

Because if you live in Chicago instead of calling the police when you’re being mugged, the police just show up and mug you instead.

h/t Dave Hardy.

SSCC #185 – Cleveland PD

A Cleveland police officer who returned to work after a
nearly eight-month suspension related to an alleged beating of a suspect on New Year’s Day tested positive for drugs after only one week on the job.

Didn’t even take him a week to screw up. There is no excuse for drug use, doubly so given the War on Nouns.  Which is why this makes the full count.

D’Angelo said a marijuana offense for an officer usually involves a
suspension and entry into a drug treatment or assistance program. He
said other officers, including supervisors and other public employees,
have tested positive for drugs or had alcohol related issues in the past
but not with as much controversy surrounding them.

The solution to this problem is much simpler and cheaper given the fact it is the taxpayer footing the bill.  Fire his ass and hold him to the same standards as anyone else.  Any company in the private sector would can your ass immediately, why isn’t this the same practice in the public sector.  Oh that’s right, public sector unions.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 185: Kevin Smith

Because being a cop means the war on nouns doesn’t apply to you.  Doubly so since you share the name of a director well known for smoking the reefer.  

Vicious Circle 116 – Live and In Color

I will be on Vicious Circle tonight at 1800 Pacific.  You can listen live there.  To see it in color you’ll need IRC and to hop in the GBC.  There you will find tons of links to all sorts of goodness in living color.

Feel free to join the crew and listen to us talk about god knows what.  If you’re in the chat, it serves as a call-in where you can point out topics that you might want us to discuss.

Why Would You Carry Out of State?

So the gun grabbers are going into hysterics because the house passed HR-822.  My personal favorite quote was from none other than the founding case of Peterson Syndrome.

There were a lot of claims about concealed carry permit holders and the inconvenience of not being able to carry their guns into every state in the nation. I’ll tell them about inconvenience. My family was inconvenienced when we had to plan a funeral for my sister, shot to death on an August day. The inconvenience of sneaking to the back of the church in a rented bus to avoid the press shouldn’t have to be, but it was. It was inconvenient to watch my mother deal with the death of her first born child. It was inconvenient to watch my own children deal with the awful death of their favorite aunt. It was inconvenient to watch my sister’s grown kids and step children deal with each other and with their grief. So really, I just don’t feel sorry for these guys who can’t carry their guns everywhere they go. Do they care about victims? Are their gun rights more important than the public’s right to be safe from shootings of family members or friends? Are their rights to carry their guns more important than jobs, health care, housing, and other pressing needs? I believe that most Americans know the answer to this.

Emphasis mine.  I posted the whole quote so it was obvious I wasn’t twisting something out of context or the emotional state was completely lost.  Loosing a loved one is hard, but again, given her logic I’m a victim of cancer.  But then we find news articles such as this article.

By surviving his ordeal two weeks ago in Noble County, the victim, whose name authorities haven’t released, helped uncover an elaborate scheme by at least two men to lure people with the promise of work from across the country to Ohio. Authorities say the real plan was to rob and kill them.

The first victim was lured across state lines and was robbed and killed, the second victim was lucky enough to have survived.  However she thinks the victim in this case had no right to be armed for self-defense.  They had no right to be as equally armed as the criminals of the state of which they’re visiting.  As usual her pro-predator stance shines through like a light house.  Especially given the fact that she thinks that criminals should be allowed to retain firearms as they are necessary for their job.

Who needs guns then? Well, hunters need guns for the sport. Some people need guns for their profession- law enforcement, security guards, people who transport cash from businesses to banks, etc., gang members, drug cartels, felons, robbers and those who, without a gun, could not do their jobs.

She would rather disarm victims and ensure that they were easy prey for predators just because they crossed an invisible line in the sand that means nothing but a change in legal boundary.  As shown above can find prime examples of predators preying upon those from out of state due to the higher likelihood of the prey being disarmed.  National reciprocity guarantees those that can carry at home can continue to legally exercise their right to self-defense where ever they go*.

*It appears that the right to self-defense might be missing now in Massachusetts

It Never Ends

It never fails.  When one friend comes back from one of the sand boxes I hear about another friend heading in.  Head over and give Daddy Bear a shout out. 

I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but first time I do I’m buying.

*Well that’s better news, it appears he’s going to go play a jihadi for soldiers heading into the box.

SSCC Honorable Mention – San Diego

A former San Diego police officer accused of trying to elicit sex from seven women he pulled over in the Gaslamp District was convicted of eight felony counts and four misdemeanors Thursday.

Jurors found Anthony Arevalos, 41, guilty of multiple counts of asking for a bribe, and assault and battery by a police officer.

Reading the entire article and the defenses position was quite disturbing. He has been fired and was fired before the trial had reached it’s conclusion. The whole situation is quite disturbing given the free reign officers are given and the lack of accountability in many instances. This situation could have easily been one of those though thankfully it wasn’t.

State Sponsored Criminal Count HM: Anthony Arevalos

Because when you’re a cop you can solicit whoever you want as a bribe after pulling them over.