SSCC #207 – West Palm Beach

 In 2009, while newly elected State Attorney Michael McAuliffe was
still building a reputation for cracking down on public corruption, his
office charged two former West Palm Beach police officers with battery
and official misconduct in the beating of a handcuffed robbery suspect
captured on video.

Prosecutors actively pursued the case until
September, when they dropped all charges against one officer and allowed
another to plead to a misdemeanor. The move prompted speculation that
McAuliffe dropped the case to garner favor with the local police union
for his upcoming re-­election bid. Three weeks later, a retired police
officer filed an ethics complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics
against McAuliffe, citing a meeting between him and union officials
shortly before the case ended as evidence.

The prosecutors office claimed that new evidence was discovered however a review of this new evidence shows no new information.  So either the case was unfounded to begin with, which is unlikely, or more likely the prosecutors office used it as an excuse.

In this case instead of the criminal themselves, we have one of the people protecting them.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 207: Michael McAuliffe

Because you only do the right thing until you need to get reelected.  When that happens everything for sale.

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