SSCC #217 – Murfreesboro TN

A Murfreesboro police detective is accused of selling fake products to her own colleagues.

Counterfeit products are a big problem because they are attempting to use brand weight to pass off a inferior product.  Charging someone a higher value price for an inferior product is theft.  Why would you add a label to a product and the accompanying documentation in an attempt to pass them off unless you were trying to steal someone’s money buy using a fake product?

I have to agree with Wizards estimate that the dispatcher that reported it is probably going to be labeled a rat.  He also nailed the different types of responses for the same crime on the head.  It’s that disparity in the response that ensures this is a criminal count.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 217: Amy Dean

Because selling counterfeit products is only a problem if the distributor is not anointed.

via WizardPC

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