Pardon the Drama Llama (hilarious)

Stumbled across this today which follows under the “Don’t Be a Dick” rules.  Here’s the synopsis from Penny Arcade:


Reading the full email exchange has made me decide I will NEVER buy something from N-Control.  Yes the wife may be disabled and could benefit.  We understand the power behind voting with our feet and our wallets.  The behavior of that PR rep is inexcusable and if that is how the company feels it should be represented they don’t need my business.  He couldn’t even take the time to proof read and spell check his emails.

I do love it when Mike from Penny Arcade got involved and they guy began trying to pass him off as a fly.

Bottom line is though this is why I don’t pre-order anything anymore. It’s not worth it, you’re giving a free loan to the company, and lastly the price of the product falls before it’s release.  That said, I agree with Dave on his view of how the prepaid customers were treated.  It’s a risk you run and the company can do as it pleases, however that behavior is definitely unacceptable and is nothing more than an effort to screw their customers.

So again, if that is the way N-Control and Ocean Marketing think customers should be treated, I will not buy or use their products.  If N-Control makes a formal apology, with all three parts, and fires Ocean Marketing I might think about getting a controller for the wife to try.  If not, we’ll find something else and review it instead.  Even then I really don’t want to because I wasn’t aware of N-Control until this explosion.  N-Control could leverage this for a win, but right now this is one big bag of fail

So what other 360 controllers are good for disabled gamers?

*Note to the FCC, F-Off no one paid or supplied anything for this.  Besides I’m saying a gigantic “Fuck You” to both the company and PR firm, as well as you ass hats reading this on the taxpayer dime to try and fine me.

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2 Responses to Pardon the Drama Llama (hilarious)

  1. Jake says:

    Looks like they have fired Ocean Marketing and issued an apology (I haven’t read the actual company statement, just an excerpt in the article I linked, so I don’t know if it meets all three parts or not), and Ocean Marketing is supposedly now out of business.

    You might not want to get the controller anyway. Looking at the product reviews on Amazon, it seems the build quality (or quality control) may be poor.

    • Well as I said, even with the apology they have one hell of a hill to climb to make me a customer.

      I do love how they PR firm basically committed suicide.

      With all that’s going on right now, I’m not willing to believe Amazon reviews. About the only way I’ll think about getting one is if I can handle it first and use it for a while.