SSCC #226 – Sedgwick County

The Sedgwick County deputy who allegedly beat a 63-year-old physically handicapped man during a traffic stop has resigned, according to a county commissioner.

Again with the resignation instead of firing his ass to prevent his employment as a LEO elsewhere.  What was this horrible crime that the man committed?

Poole stopped Steven Dye, 63, on July 4 to ticket him for an improper lane change, then accused Dye of resisting arrest and obstructing justice. Dye has filed a notice to seek damages from the sheriff’s office and the county for the severe beating he says Poole and another man inflicted after the traffic stop.

And this isn’t the first time for this sheriff to be in hot water because of his department either.  The same officer injured another individual in a previous arrest.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 226: Darin Poole

Enabled By: Sheriff Randy Peck

Because firing an officer would hamper their employment opportunities so instead just let them resign when they know they’ve been caught.

via David Wilson

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