SSCC #222 – #225 : Seattle PD

A local man called the cops on Seattle officers when he felt a traffic
stop was spinning out of control – and the entire incident was captured
on a police video that shows the man being yanked from his car and
thrown to the ground.

Sound familiar?  Well it should because this isn’t the first time the Seattle PD has ended up on the count for pulling someone out of a car.  It gets better though when you find out that the victim called 911 because the officer was behaving erratically and caught it on the 911 call.  The victims attorney nailed this situation on the head though.

Gebreselassie’s attorney, James Egan, says, “I’m not sure what lessons
are ever learned when the police department can’t police its own.”

Remember, this is the Seattle PD where an officer got away with murder after shooting a deaf man in the back.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #222: John Doe

#223: John Doe

#224: John Doe

#225: John Doe

Because when you’re a cop you can act like a total dick and people just have to deal with it.  If they attempt to verify your authority, beat them into submission.

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