Quote of the Day–Emily Miller(02/08/2012)

When I first started the “Emily Gets Her Gun” series, I thought  I would be waiting in long lines and filling out lots of paperwork. I never could have imagined that the D.C. gun laws made it so unearthly difficult to get a legal handgun. However, I also never could have believed that this newspaper series would encourage change in Washington’s gun laws.

Now, this series is far from over. As I’ve found, the hurdles placed before gun owners do not end here. I need to figure out the laws on getting ammunition and transporting the gun to a state that allows practice shooting.

Most of all, I intend to keep pushing the Council of the District of Columbia to rewrite the its laws to make them fair and constitutional for law-abiding Americans.

(Emphasis mine)

Emily MillerEmily got her gun!

February 2, 2012

[That last line is a wonderful statement.  She started off with the belief that the laws were “reasonable” as our opponents claim.  As she worked her way through the quagmire of bureaucratic red tape she realized it was anything but.  The deck, especially in DC, has been stacked strongly against those who would exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Her eyes have been opened and she sees the truth and what needs to happen.

Welcome to the “Dark Side” Emily.  Enjoy the cookies.  It’s much better than the hopelessness and despair offered by our opponents.  -B]

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