SSCC #264–New Mexico

Remember, New Mexico sucks so I’m unsurprised about the following.

A New Mexico woman called the state police to report that she had been the victim of an Internet scam. The police told her they couldn’t come right away. She asked them to call before showing up at her house. They didn’t.  Instead, an officer arrived while she wasn’t home, ignored the woman’s “Beware of Dog” sign, hopped the woman’s fence . . . and then killed her dog.

Yeah, non violent crime, no probable cause, all she wanted to do was file a report and you jump the fence and kill her dog.  Yup, we have people that mentally deficient in law enforcement, doesn’t it make you feel safer knowing that?

State Sponsored Criminal Count #264: John Doe sponsored by Lt. Robert McDonald

Because whenever a cop shows up, a puppy has to die.

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