SSCC #274,#275–Daytona

A woman attacked by a police K-9 dog while she was taking a cigarette break behind the restaurant where she worked could be getting a $100,000 settlement from the city.

Well, maybe there’s more to this story.  Maybe she was running away trying to escape the police.

Around that time, another officer radioed Oteri to let him know he had arrested the suspect on the Taco Bell property. Oteri decided to let the dog keep tracking because police were told the suspect had a gun earlier in the day, and he wanted to look for the firearm.

The dog kept pulling toward the Taco Bell, across Fentress Boulevard, onto the 7-Eleven convenience store property and then to Taco Bell. McCarthy was behind a 6-foot wall, the animal darted to the other side of the divider and attacked.

Nope, it was a completely innocent woman who was minding her own business that was attacked and permanently scarred by a lazy police officer.  I say lazy because who was too lazy to hold onto his dogs leash.  To top that off, the dog didn’t stop the attack immediately when instructed to do so.  The money quote is this though:

Police Chief Mike Chitwood said Oteri told him the day after the attack he was “sick” over what happened and could only apologize.

“He didn’t do anything malicious,” Chitwood said. “It was a mental lapse from someone I expected more from.”

No, there is more he could do.  He could take the dog out back like Ol’ Yeller and put her down.  If it was your dog or mine the state would be doing that for me.  Then I would be looking at a civil suit as well as a criminal suit for the fact it was a vicious animal.  Instead the dog and this officer live under qualified immunity.  Stuff like this happens not because it’s a freak accident but because no one is held accountable anymore in law enforcement.  The only person taking responsibility in this case is the tax payer.

A mental lapse resulted in a disfigurement of a woman, know what that’s negligence if I ever heard of it.  I don’t care he feels sorry for the woman.  Feeling sorry doesn’t fix what he did and that he’s responsible for.  Yet even though he’s responsible he will never actually be held accountable.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 274: Officer Michael Oteri

275: K-9 Izak

Because when you’re dog goes haywire and you work for the state everything is just hunky Jim Dandy. 

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