SSCC #278–Darby Township

Kevin Joseph Walker was already facing charges for allegedly using his former position as a Darby Township police officer to coerce sex from at least three women he encountered during on-the-job police investigations when the fourth woman emerged.

They’re at least charging him however it is worth note that it wasn’t just a one time thing.  He was an active predator who was protected from retaliation from his victims by the state.  Just because this monster is now facing charges doesn’t change the fact that he was a sponsored criminal for the state.

Note the age of these incidents before charges are actually brought against the individual.  That and there isn’t a single charge that carries the abuse of power he exercised.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #278: Kevin Joseph Walker

Because the real reason you join the police force it to find and meet vulnerable women.  You’re a god to them right?

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