Earworm Wednesday 03/21/2012

Here’s one of the dubstep variety for Weer’d

Skrillex – Bangarang

Am I the only one that found humor in what the kids do and the guy having a hook at the end?  If you don’t get it see the title of the song.  If you still don’t get it, go watch this.

SSCC #287–Seneca PD

After following up with Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland, it was confirmed that the two officers, whose names were not disclosed, had been commissioned by the Seneca Police Department, while each lacked state certification, and one of the two was a convicted felon.

Emphasis mine.  That’s right, a police department hired a convicted felon who also didn’t have state certifications. 

They extended the right of qualified immunity to a convicted felon.  Think about that long and hard the next time someone tells you about how infallible the state is and why they should be given power “X”.  They’re more than willing to hand that power over to a criminal and leave you at the legal disadvantage.

To the departments credit, they have fired the two officers.  The incident is no less disturbing.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #287: John Doe

Because when you apply for a job in law enforcement we will trust you on your word.  I mean why would we do a background check, you want to be one of the “good” guys.

SSCC #286 – Seattle

This is unsurprising given the how the City and PD have been attempting to prevent the release of these dash cams.  What is doubly entertaining though is this:

So what did the officers claim they were doing? De-escalating the situation. That’s right. During an investigation by SPD’s Office of Professional Accountability, according to documents obtained by SW, the officers claimed that that Oregon and Perez were “obvious gang-bangers.” (See pdf of OPA’s summary findings.) Officer Corey Williams explained further:

Yeah, de-escalate doesn’t mean what they think it means.  Where I’m from they were escalating the situation to provide a better reason for the use of force.

I could tick it more than one but right now I feel like crap and this is my second time writing this pile of garbage.*

State Sponsored Criminal Count 286: Officer Brett Schoenberg

Because when you’re telling someone you’ll beat the crap out of them and skull fuck them, you’re really saying just calm down!

via Uncle

*WinXP auto rebooted after an update and Windows Live Writer didn’t keep my previous post.  While sick that means this post becomes double abbreviated.

In Which I Am My Father’s Son

So I’m watching Top Gun and towards the end I can’t help but constantly yell at my TV, “Shut the fuck up and die like a Naval Aviator” as they become all whiney and panicky during the dog fight at the end.  I guess Hollywood didn’t feel the sound of a real dog fight dramatic enough.

Here’s a made for TV version with censored audio:

Also noticed a couple technical glitches at what is the best part of the movie, the first 5 minutes.  If you pay attention the approach for cougar.  You can spot the ball with the wave off lights flashing red.  Cut to the plane again, when it comes back as it lands on the deck and the wave off lights are gone and the ball is centered on a good approach.

I still think my favorite line though is, “The defense department regrets to inform you your sons are dead because they were stupid.”

Anyone Get the Number of that Bus?

Felt fine on Saturday.  Woke up on Sunday and felt like I had been out partying all night for Saint Patties day with a nasty sore throat.

Woke up this morning, sore throat was gone, replaced with that nice mental fog and was coughing crap out of my lungs.

So yeah, blogging is going to be lighter until I can shake this annoying bug.  So instead I’m watching Top Gun for the first time in a long time since the Big E is out on her last cruise


Oh the TSA, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways.

Parent can’t comfort the kid while the agent molests him?  Oh and lifting up the kids shirt, really!?  We all know that this is all just a theater.  Don’t believe me?  Well we can load up Joe’s backpack with explosives completely covering it in residue and it comes back clear.  Remember, that’s what they’re searching for, residue that you’ve been handling explosives.  So what did molesting that poor kid do for anyone?  It allowed a child molester to get his rocks off.

Now there will be those of you who say that I’m over reacting and that there aren’t pedophiles in the ranks of the TSA.  To which I will remind our gentile reader of this and  this.  Now that you are reminded of that, may I also remind you they want to stop you on the road and when visiting your local malls.  This man had a choice and he chose to molest a child. 

I am finding it much harder to control my rage and will to not wish death or harm upon people who work for the TSA.  Their behavior just keeps showing me more and more that they truthfully aren’t human and are the equivalent of the American Gestapo.  These animals would not hesitate if their superiors gave the order to load us into box cars to be sent to the camps.  I also am fairly sure they would turn the gas on in the shower rooms if given the order too.

As a reminder, it has happened here and it just as easily could happen again with more severe consequences the second time around.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 285: TSA Agent John Doe


Because the best job for a pedophile in the world is the one where he is given free reign to touch a child however he wants while making his parent stand behind the yellow line.

SSCC #284–Collinsville

Right here we have a bored cop who manufactured cause to speed up his boring weekend.

This officer has a previous history of violating the rights of citizens and was previously fired.  Yet the department gave him a job and a badge and qualified immunity.  They department sponsored this man and offered to protect him while he criminally acted against the rights of others.

He violated this mans rights for no other reason that to attempt to justify his budget on the war on nouns.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 284: Michael Reichert


Because the job of law abiding citizens is to be abused by officers of the law.

Today’s Range Session–More on the 22 Conversion Kit

I had cleaned the 22 conversion kit the night before as well as cleaning the frame of my 1911 and oiling a few parts I felt may have been stiff. I even stripped and cleaned the polymer mag.

I ran my starting drills with 0 failures other than the occasional dead 22 round. Those rounds all had solid primer hits. Every once in a while clearing a misfire I would end up with what appeared to be a double feed like it didn’t fully eject. By the time that started I was past the 220 round mark. At 250 rounds when loading I noticed the slide didn’t go into full battery. I tapped the mag and back of the slide. I fired 2 rounds and then it wouldn’t drop the hammer. Upon inspection the slide was out of battery. I tapped it again and finished off the magazine. I noticed as I racked the slide at this point it was pretty warm. How warm? Manual of arms was fine but it was noticeably hot, leaving my hand on the slide resulted me me yanking my hand away, and with the slide back I could barely tap the barrel.

This was with a mix of Remington brass plated 36 grain HP and Federal American Eagle 38 grain CPHP. At this point I holstered the gun and decided to let it cool down and switched to the XD for the large caliber and reloading drills. I ran those well, forgot to print a dot torture target so I just used some of the 8 inch targets I had. First 50 rounds I walked it from 5 yards to 25 yards drawing putting two on one target reloading and doing two into the other target. I had all 50 in the black all the way out to 25 yards. I then placed the target at 7 yards and preceded to focus on reloading drills. I would alter the pattern for the shots and adjust ammo in the magazines so I would have both tactical and lock reloads.

After finishing up with the XD I pulled the 22 back out. It had cooled all the way down, ran the slide a few times and it was still smooth. I loaded up a mag and started drilling with the 22 again. No issues for another 180 rounds after cooling down.  At which point my box was empty and I was at the end of my reservation time. I will say though one should pay attention to their ammunition while loading looking for things out of place. I grabbed this out of my box of 22 ammo.


That is an American Eagle 38 grain CPHP who’s bullet was seated WAY too far. The top of the bullet is almost flush with the case. Luckily in this case there is no way it would have chambered because it shaved part of the bullet and it was outside of the case altering it’s overall diameter. Still, pay attention, this sport is actually relatively safe but bad things can happen. When you pay attention though you can help stop it before it ever becomes a problem. Squib loads are another example of something dangerous.   The dangerous part of this sport is the fact that when you make a mistake, it is not forgiving.

So, anyone interested keep listening and as I make it to the range I will keep you all updated with how the conversion kit is working out.  I’m running a log book to try and track details to find root cause.

I put 410 through it today with just the problems as noted above.