Why Giving Them What they Want is a Bad Idea

They come back for more later.

After the robbery, Jardini called the woman on his cell phone twice, asking her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go out with him.

Police got a search warrant for Jardini’s phone records and were on the verge of tracking him down, but then Jardini reportedly assaulted the same girl and her mother outside Zack’s Market on Brownville Road.

Depending on what you have in your wallet or purse you’re in serious trouble once you hand it over to a robber.  At minimum they now have your home address so they can come hit you again.  They know that you’re complacent and will just give them what they want right?  Women, if you have your keys in your purse they now can enter your house that night, are you going to get your locks changed before going home that night?  The amount of evil that can be done by just merely capturing that information is unbelievable.

I could continue playing the red team, but you would all call my a mean evil sadistic son of a bitch.  Just because I think of it, doesn’t mean I’d do it.  It just means that when that guy asks me for my wallet he’s not going to get it, he’s getting hot lead.  If he asks for my phone, he’s not getting it, he’s getting hot lead.  Information can be used not just against you, but those you love.  Remember it as if your lives depend on it, because it just might.

SSCC #270–Pinellas

A Pinellas sheriff’s detective says that in an effort to seek out homegrown marijuana, he donned a Progress Energy uniform as a “ruse” and then entered a homeowner’s property without a search warrant.

Yeah, there is a reason when I someone from the utility company is at my house I consider it suspect.  If they want in my house, I’m calling the company and there is going to be a long talk as to why he’s at my house.  When said company says he’s not with them, I will assume criminal and things are going to be come quite dangerous for the idiot.  He has closed distance and is lying about who he is and is trying to gain entrance to your house.

So you would think that since the Sherriff supposedly frowns upon it there would be some sort of punishment, however this is the departments response:

Although Gualtieri criticized the tactic, he was less quick to criticize his detective. “He’s a young detective who I think thought he was just being creative,” Gualtieri said. “I put more responsibility with the supervision.” He said he wanted to think about whether to discipline anyone.

Yeah, and the guy from the utility isn’t a sworn law enforcement officer either. If you present yourself as X, you’re assumed to be X, and you are tricking people.  They will kick in your door in the middle of the night and shoot your dog.  They will fool you into allowing them access without a warrant.  Would you give an officer any access to your property without a warrant knowing them to be such?

Yeah, this was sneaky, back handed, and totally wrong.  We see how the cops love it, they may bitch publicly about it but honestly they don’t care.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 270: Detective Paul Giovannoni

Because it’s so much easier to just skip the warrant and pretend to be someone else and fool someone into giving you access.

For the EE’s Out There

So another coworker just bumped me an email for this

So far that seems to be a nice simple circuit simulator that works well for simple project.  I found a different simulator before that actually has even more features but requires Java.  That simulator does transmission line characteristics and other interesting features not represented in this new simulator.

Overall if you need to mock up some circuits quickly, the above will do the job.  I might be using it on a home project here soon for a power supply to help float a battery for a new toy.  More on that after I get said toy!

Quote of the Day–Anonymous(03/01/2012)

Life without joy is not worth living and death is not an option for me.

Anonymous – For Your Funny Bone

[That’s a good attitude to have towards life.  Even when life has you down remember this little fact:

For without sorrow and pain, laughter and joy would hold nowhere near the same value.

Along with this story:

A king called his chief advisors into his court to ask their council.  He gave them a charge, to bring him something that would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy.

The three men bowed and left to work on their task.  They returned two weeks later with a ring.  They handed to the king who then inspected it.  Inscribed within the ring was the following text:

This too shall pass.

The funniest thing about that thread was for the most part it wasn’t really funny other than the initial email and we didn’t really notice until the end.  The thread did go full circle by the way, proving both the above.  -B]

SSCC #266:#269–New York

A Bronx prosecutor turned an innocent man’s life into a living hell for three years by plowing ahead with a case built on cops’ lies, a new lawsuit charges.

I have said my mantra about prosecutors many a time and I’ll say it again.  It takes a good prosecutor to convict a guilty man, it takes a GREAT prosecutor to convict an innocent one.  There is no correlation between the law and justice, don’t believe me?  What justice is there needed for a victimless crime?  Seriously, is it justice to punish someone because they are doing something that someone else disagrees with?

There is no winning a law suit, and this man has had his life ruined by a prosecutor who is protected by the state, and three cops who share the same protections.  I am not sure that his suit will be successful, however I have no doubt about the validity of his claim.  Further, they don’t have to find you guilty to ruin your and strip you of your rights.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: #266: Officer Vladimir Krull

#267: Detective Arnaldo Rivera

#268: Lt. Patrick Brown

#269: Bronx District Attorney’s Office (If you know the prosecutors name let me know)

Because when I can convict an innocent man I am in total control of the world and nothing can stop me.

Electricity, Respect it

Via a coworker. (Warning, Graphic.)

Respect electricity.  It doesn’t care who you are, what you do, or anything about you.  All electricity wants is the shortest path to ground and if you happen to be that path, that’s the result.

In this case he attempted to use (what we think is a 13 kV distribution line) as a handrail.  You can see during the shock the corona breakdown and it went from head to toe.  Since the corona broke down his body became the equivalent of a full short.

I’m not sure why he did this, but let it be a reminder to you to respect electricity, even your little old wall socket!