SSCC #308 – Houston

A Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy is accused of
using his badge and gun to force a repo man to give him his wife’s truck

The upshot of being a cop is you can use your “authoritah” to intimidate people into letting you get away with things no one else would.  Even better is that your brothers in arms will help you in the process.

The wrecker driver says he pulled into a parking lot at the
jail to call the sheriff’s office and report the repossession, a routine
procedure. Seconds after he drove away, Huff said three cars pulled up
alongside him, boxing in his wrecker. The cars were unmarked, the men in
civilian clothes, but Huff says they all had guns pointing right at

Isn’t it nice they were threatening lethal force to further intimidate this man who was merely doing his job?

State Sponsored Criminal Count 308: Keith Winford

Because the only people who have to make their payments on time are those who don’t work for law enforcement.  LEOs are exempt from paying their bills.

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