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And if you build a house and have a sprinkler system installed for the yard, hire professionals to do it.  Putting the drain valves for winterization in such a location that one can barely get their hand in is a bad thing.  Doubly so when the valves are very stiff.


My hand barely fits between those pipes, each one has a drain valve underneath. 


How stiff I hear you ask?  To turn them off I actually need to use a stick to properly apply pressure to get them to turn vertical.  Turning them back on I have to work it in the opposite direction.  Getting the valves started is actually difficult.  This year I had one that stuck so hard the handle on the valve broke.

Yes, you read that write, the plastic broke, that’s how stiff it was.  To get it to turn I had to resort to using some line and a loop wrapped around the other end of the valve handle.  I got it to finish closing however as it closed the line slipped free and I smashed my hand into the side of the box.

Immediately the pain was sharp enough I wondered how bad it was.  I stripped off my gloves and thankfully no broken skin.  However my thumb was already feeling stiff and immediately after the incident it hurt to move.  I splinted it with some scrap wood in the shop and finished the rest of what needed to be done for the sprinkler system.

As I finished up the pain subsided, but the time I got back in the house I could use my thumb again.  I’m able to push around on all sides of the impact point without problem.  Pushing on the impact point itself however hurts like a bastard.  So I’m thinking at this point I just bruised it.  I can put pressure through my thumb and grip as well, with only very minor discomfort at the most extreme of movement.

So, yeah, if you’re going to install one, do it right, or hire someone to do it right.  If you don’t, the next guy is going to hate you, doubly since he now gets to figure out how to fix your screw up.

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