SSCC Honorable Mention – Washington DC

Via Uncle we get to see an up and coming state sponsored criminal in the making.

Including an indemnification clause, which means Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy L. Lanier
cannot be held liable for actions done on the job, is standard practice
in contracts for police chiefs and other government officials, said Leonard A. Matarese, a public safety expert with the International City/County Management Association.

Standard practice?  See here’s the thing, it’s complete horse crap.  It’s an effort to skate around the laws that cover “under color of law” when an officer does something wrong.  Guess what, as an engineer I’m held responsible for my actions.  Just the same a cop, no matter their position in the department should be held accountable for theirs.  If you can’t take it, if you’re afraid you might make a wrong decision and can’t handle the consequences it’s quite simple, get the hell out of the kitchen.

Now it isn’t giving her free reign to commit murder while on the job.

The contract states the District “shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless” Chief Lanier
in any civil or criminal proceedings so long as she was “properly
exercising or performing her duties and responsibilities within the
scope of her employment” and “acted in good faith, did not act in a way
that violates an applicable law, and did not act in an intentionally
tortuous manner.

“Did not act in an intentionally tortuous manner.”  So in other words you now must have an intent-o-meter to go after her for doing something bad.

Here’s the problem with these types of things, including qualified immunity.  It is they exist specifically to prevent thinking and bringing consequences to bear on those who decide not to think things through. 

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again.  You know who has more of a right to go home at the end of the night to their wife and kids?  Any innocent law abiding citizen.  More often than not however some innocent is caught up with some cop who instead of thinking just reacts.  Well the reaction results in injury or death to the innocent person. 

Who is at fault for this?  No it’s not the officer who committed the act.  For you see that would be silly in a world where we blame inanimate objects for the actions of others.  You see it was the fault of the department for improper training.  No one is actually at fault.  Then thanks to things like qualified immunity like that you get incidents like this.

Wait, he was never charged or convicted of a crime.  They fired him, but they couldn’t prove intent.  Maybe in fact that clause does allow for murder.

State Sponsored Criminal Count Honorable Mention: Chief Cathy L. Lanier

Because everyone who works in law enforcement should be able to work outside the law.  We wouldn’t want them to have to arrest their own you know.

Carry Your Damn Guns…

There is no advanced warning.  You don’t know when it could happen, and it may not even be for a two legged varmint.  The problem could be of the four legged variety.  The life you save may not be your own either, but the life of your pet.

According to Lewiston Police, Renee Carter was walking her dogs in front
of a home when the Pit Bull ran across the street and grabbed her small
dog by the neck. Carter was bit on the arm while attempting to rescue
her dog. At that time, a passerby scrambled out of his car to help.

Thankfully there were a couple bystanders in the area who intervened to help.  The dog is currently in quarantine for 10 days.  Since the attack killed the other animal it has been declared a dangerous animal and if a home isn’t found outside the city it will be put to sleep.

That aside, thankfully there were others around to help this woman but that is not a assurance.  The only assurance is that this could happen to you and you are not immune and some how special and exempt from the possibility.

Stand tall, be ready, and carry your damn gun.

Favorite Rifle In the Armory…

Robb asks the following question:

What is the most fun firearm you own and why? Which boomstick puts a smile on your face every time you take it to the range? If you have another gunnie coming over, which piece from your armory to you ensure you pack in the bag to show off?

You know, I have a lot of fun toys.  All of them put a smile on my face in one way or another.  However there is only one I refer to as my baby.  There is only one that I lovingly look after like a protective father.  Others do experience the bliss that is my baby, but for them it is no where near what I feel settling in behind that stock.

The Very Beginning

Let me tell the story from the beginning.  You see, when I was about three and a half years old my dad took me to the range with him.  I do not have the luxury of actually remembering this experience.  However my father did.  My father told me numerous times years later of sitting on his lap and lining up the sights to squeeze that trigger.  After which I was grinning from ear to ear.  Which that story does strike me as interesting given when I was little me and loud noises didn’t exactly get along.  I actually cried at the beginning of Top Gun the first time I saw it… At least so I’ve been told.

I was hooked and as time went on, I would shoot small-bore rifle, shooting was in my blood and life was good.  As I began to close towards graduation my dad for a while had been talking about getting me a tack driver as a gift.  When my Uncle came to visit for my Eagle Court of Honor we went to the range

Shopping Around

This range also had the added benefit of being a gun shop.  My dad and I both had an idea of what we were looking for as the start of the rifle.  After we were done shooting for the day we went out to do some browsing for the rifle that would become my gift.

There was a Savage in .308, don’t much remember the exact model, up in the rack, I handled it and said, “It’s O.K.”.  My uncle (no relation to this uncle) and father just shook their head and said, we can get a much better tool than that.  I was raised in a family who never skipped when it came to tools.  Buy the best you can afford and don’t go cheap.

The guy behind the counter asks, “so what exactly are you looking for?”

My reply, “Something like a Remington Model 700, VS.”

He cracks open the catalog, starts thumbing through it and then asks, “What caliber, .22-250?”

At which point I reply, “.308 Winchester”.

His reply, “Good lord, what are you going to shoot with that.”

This next bit put a smile on my dads face, without missing a beat I said, “Two legged varmints at 500 yards.”

The guy behind the counter kind of chuckled and he delivered to us the cost for the base rifle.  We were now working on a plan and how it would be done.

The Gun Smith

Two weeks later we go to the WAC gun show in Puyallup.  We meet a local gunsmith who specializes in custom rifles.  A man by the name of Brett Evans of Northwest Armswerkes.  My dad gets his card and we meet up with him later in March.

We walk through the list of requirements and he begins to spec out a rifle.  A rifle that is not like any other.  A rifle that will be most assuredly mine and one of a kind.  It will be a Remington 700 action, but under the hood it would be anything but stock.  Due to popular demand though my rifle wouldn’t be finished for a while.  For you see there was a long line of people in front of me.  Good things however come to those who wait.

I met up with him mid-summer once he had all the parts in and did a few final selections on things that were choices.  After that he was off to the races.  At this point though I was off to college.

No Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy

Originally, my destination was Huston, Texas.  That however like most plans, did not survive first contact with the enemy.  In this case the dean of admissions at Rice, University.  That is a different story for another time, suffice it to say I will never send my kid there and with the attitude I got from the admissions dean and her office staff informed me that was a school I wanted absolutely nothing to do with.

You know, they say most things happen for a reason though and I’m reasonably sure someone had a hand in that.  For you see when everything fell apart I defaulted to the University of Washington.  It was close to home but whatever I was in college. Come about 4 weeks into the first quarter though my dad was on his way into surgery.  Where?  The UW Medical Center.  It made traveling to see him much easier than if I had been in Texas.  The bad news was the cancer had attached itself to things that couldn’t be removed by the time they got there.  They had to remove a decent amount of the pancreas, but not all of it could go, some of it was attached to the descending aorta.  He began chemotherapy immediately.

Two moths later it was Christmas time, which also means it was in the same time frame as my birthday.  On the morning of my birthday my dad said we were heading out to Brett’s.


We arrive at Brett’s and it’s like I’m 6 and it’s Christmas morning all over again.


I know, it’s amazing, I still had hair on the top of my head and I was so much thinner! Brett gives me a run down on the rifle. Maintenance issues I need to do. Properly breaking it out of the case to use it, there’s a reason there’s a torque wrench with it. Using the 1907 sling and properly snugging it up.

Four day’s later I’m gifted a pile of ammunition to match the rifle.


In the box was a combination of Federal Gold Medal Match, 168 and 175 grain.  As well as Blackhills 168, 175, both regular and moly coated. 

The Ending

Sadly my father would never see his last gift to me fire.  That summer he was still undergoing chemo and we never made it to the range.  I was able to make it to the range once with a friend just before he passed away.  I brought home the 5 shot group that was about an inch and a half in size from 200 yards.

He grinned from ear to ear.

I have a few things on the rifle that have changed from it’s a original configuration.  I have since put a Mark IV scope with a TMR reticle.  Last year I had intended to have the stock changed too, but alas finances stopped that plan.  Hopefully come this winter I can take it to Brett to have that work done.  If my dad had known what HS-Precision would eventually do, there is no way that stock would have gone on that rifle.  The heart will always remain.

I still shoot my baby, the first year I went to Boomershoot that was all I really had.  It performed well and I was taking the small bastards at 700 yards.  I still do.


For me though, especially with that rifle, shooting is quite Zen.  Noise fades away, all I hear is my own breathing and pulse.  My attention is focused on those cross hairs, and every time a shot breaks I hear my dad telling me to call it.

Yeah it holds a very special place in my heart and I love that rifle more than any other in my safe.  It also gives me a connection back to my roots that the only other rifle could begin to do is my first rifle a Marlin 915Y .22.

Thanks’ again dad.  It’s the best gift you could have ever given me.


*It came to my attention as I was writing this my dad never had his picture taken with me and the rifle.  I am reasonably sure I know why he never handed the camera to Brett.  It never occurred to me at the time to do it.  My dad’s invincible right, nothing will stop him… Yeah fuck you cancer…

SSCC #333 – DeKalb County

DeKalb County is back again, their previous incidents are here.  I’ve noticed that much of the time bad actions are all within the same area.  Take Seattle PD for example. This incident has holy hell written all over it.

A DeKalb County police officer is under criminal investigation after
being accused of kicking a woman who was almost nine months pregnant,

What was her grievous offense that provoked a response like that from the officer?

Raven Dozier said she was trying to help her brother calm down during a
child custody issue that involved police. She said she started crying
and questioning officers after a Taser gun was used on her brother.

The officer claimed he didn’t know she was pregnant, possible but doubtful, and that she came at him threateningly.  The prosecutors dropped charges against the woman.  It really is telling though given the following.  It ends up though that Jerad Wheeler is the officer from one of the previous incidents in the count.

Two other complaints about use of force have been filed against Wheeler,
including when he allegedly shot a family’s dog after responding to the
wrong address, the report said.

Considering this officer is too stupid to figure out if he’s at the right address and then threatens the home owner, is it really that surprising that he would kick a pregnant woman?  I mean he’s obviously mentally deficient and heaven forbid they actually can someone who love his Authoritah!

If anyone has information on the third complaint mentioned in the article please contact me.  Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  At this point he’s writing checks his ass can’t cash and obviously should not be employed in law enforcement.  That just means he’ll be promoted and given more Authoritah.

State Sponsored Criminal Count #333: Jerad Wheeler

Because the scowl of a pregnant woman about to pop is so fearsome it requires physical force.  Doubly so if she’s crying since she’s obviously hysterical!

Ear Worm Wednesday–05/16/2012

Today’s Earworm, Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane

I’ve highlighted the WTF moment on this page:


YouTube needs to fix their recommendation listing.

Not to mention Rihanna up top.  WTF!? Really

Stupid Barely Describes these Actions

Wichita police are investigating an aggravated attempted robbery at a northeast Wichita restaurant that may have been a prank

It happened at the Subway restaurant, 3200 N. Rock,
around 11 a.m. Monday. Police said two teenagers, 15 and 16-year-old
boys, walked into the building with their hands in their pockets,
ordering everyone on the floor.

One of the suspects started
counting people on the floor, while two other teenagers ran out of the
restaurant, police said. The third teenager ran away a short time later.
No one was hurt.

Assuming this is a prank.  Talk about a quick way to end up with extra holes god didn’t intend for you to have.  Is there some type of idiot game going on that is under the radar?  Just late last week there was the incident of the kid trying to rob a police station as a “prank”.

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three or more times is enemy action.  Thing is, I don’t believe in coincidence.  How this appears is: rob some place, when you get caught, claim it was just a prank.  Too bad the judge most likely isn’t going to care and neither will the prosecutor.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe the situation for those kids.  They were trying to appear as they were armed and if anyone had decided to react, they could easily be dead.  At no fault of the person who was defending themselves.

Seriously, what happened to the bucked of water balanced on the door?  When did robbing people become a “prank”?  When the hell did our youth become so monumentally stupid?

What Government Does…

I just stumbled across the perfect example of what government does, exemplified in a single quote:

Mark Duffy, who has operated the dairy farm at the
state-owned park for 26 years and has a lease with the state to run the
stand, said armed Environmental Police officers showed up at stand on
Friday evening and stood guard throughout the weekend, turning away
customers craving delectable sundaes and frappes.

He’s been improving the farm every day for the past 26 years, and all the sudden it’s a problem.  It reminds me of an incident some friends had after “remodeling” their restaurant.  See, there was this crappy ugly board put up in the middle to separate the dining area and kitchen.  Instead of leaving it, they ripped it out and actually put in a nice finished wall.

There were no structural or electrical changes involved in the change to the wall.  The owner of the property was actually happy with the changes.  The state however declared that their inspector must come in for you to have customers.  Thou shalt pay us our kick back to do business.  They have since got everything straitened out and business is good.

Going back to the original story, I find it telling they sent armed jack booted thugs to do “code enforcement”.  Have to justify that funding somehow right?  No one though for the state is actually saying exactly what codes were violated and what improvements were a problem.

Looking on the bright side though, some kids have gotten an awakening to exactly what government is:

There are 13 high-school and college students who
work at the stand who are now without jobs, said Duffy. While there are
140 milk-producing cows at the farm, the ice cream is shipped in from
Bliss Bros. Dairy, an ice-cream manufacturer and distributor in

They lost their summer employment because some petty jackbooted tyrant wanted to get his rocks off.  On the upshot those young kids who worked there have now received a strong lesson in how government thuggery works.  Hopefully it’s a lesson they will take to heart and understand the answer to problems is never “more government”.  Government is nothing more than a necessary evil that should be restrained and shackled as much as possible.

Just remember as well, just because you own the property doesn’t mean you can do with it as you please.  I had some buddies who while building their place had to play games because they were living there as they built it.  You see the state won’t allow you to do that.  [sarcasm]Your property so what?  It’s their property and the sooner you figure that out the better.  [/sarcasm]

SSCC #331 & #332 – LA

Go read the other details of the incident.  This though was the most telling thing about the incident:

“But one thing the second officer said to me right after he took the
cuffs off was,  ‘You know why we did this?  You know why we did this,

Because you’re a bunch of authoritarian tyrants.  He has pending litigation against your department so you proceeded to harass him and threaten him.  Good job fellas on costing the tax payers even more, I just wish it came out of your pocket instead of the public’s.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 331: John Doe

332: John Doe

Because the fact that the public can record us to hold us accountable is a serious problem and scourge.  To battle this scourge we need CCTV cameras on every corner and unmanned drones flying 24/7 monitoring the public!