A fool and his money…

See the real problem people dislike about those who make more than them, is they’re fiscally responsible.  Barring those who are our elected representatives.  They couldn’t save a penny even if it was surgically attached to their body.  They’d sever the limb to spend it.  But this helps provide a better idea of the issues with fiscal responsibility in this country.

Visa’s survey finds that a jaw-dropping $2,635 per prom will be spent by
families making less than $30,000 a year. That compares with $842 for
families with a yearly income of $75,000 or higher.

Can someone explain to me why the people making less are spending more than the people making more? It doesn’t make any sense why someone needs to spend $2,600 on a prom night.  I think total I spent about 500 bucks, I didn’t rent my tux I bought it, and my buddy and I split a limo.  I can still fit in my tux by the way, I actually wore it for my wedding.

I know some parents have trouble telling their kids no, but honestly that’s what has brewed this group of spoiled children screaming about the 1%.

Know what pisses me off, me working my ass off, trying to save money, and then being told I need to pay more of my “fair share”.  Except lets look at who’s really profiting from this mess.


Sounds fair to be fiscally responsible and work your ass off doesn’t it?  You know, I know life isn’t fair.  Evidently we must be robbed by the state at gun point, try not paying your taxes if you don’t believe me, and have money go to a bunch of people who don’t want to work and think life’s unfair to them.  There’s random parts of life that are unfair and out of people’s control.  That’s the luck of the draw.  However taking someone else’s hard earned money isn’t you evening the score, it’s theft.

Now notice the breakdown of who’s going to be spending the most on prom and who’s getting the biggest kick backs from the Fed.  It all comes down to how much you value the money you earn.  If you don’t earn your money, you don’t really value it since it didn’t take blood, sweat, and tears to earn it.

God I need a beer cause this is horse crap.

Wonder If There’s Any Rooks…

If you’re wondering what I mean by Rooks… Go here.  My dad watched the fall of Siagon from the front seat of an EA-6B, VAQ-137 to be exact.

via OldNFO.

In Which Pandora Loses a Customer

So today while at work Pandora crapped out on my phone.  When I say crapped out, it refused to play any station.  When I restarted the app it looked like it puked all over itself.

For me, music is life while at work.  It drowns out the outside noise and prevents unnecessary interruption.  I was now in a tail spin and trying to recover.  Then I remembered Slacker Radio.  It was already installed on my phone so I decided to give it a shot.

Dear lord I should have switched over sooner.  The Android app for Pandora was lacking.  I couldn’t easily alter stations and add extra artists manually.  I couldn’t easily block a whole artist or say ignore this for a month.  Well Slacker has all that in their app and I’m much more impressed by their selection algorithm.

After doing a quick initial artist selection I’ve only had to thumbs down a few times.  Even more awesome is I can create sister stations that will bring in new artists more regularly as well as less well known music.  That way depending on my mood I can lock it to the stuff I know I’ll want to hear, or I can switch into adventure mode and find something new.  Not to mention when seeding a station you can easily grab all similar artists as it lists them. 

So yeah, that little glitch that Pandora had today at least for me was actually a good thing. 

Know What Sucks…

When you have one of those really vivid dreams that seems like months pass. 

You actually go to sleep and wake up again and again in the dream.  It goes along just like your normal life.  It seems like you’re actually awake and it’s reality. 

Then all the sudden your normal reality turns to hell.  It goes from dream to nightmare and you don’t really know why.  You then continue living in hell for a couple months until you actually wake up.  The thing is, when you wake up you don’t know if you’re in the dream or reality.  You reach over and discover it was a nightmare and you hold just a little bit tighter not wanting to let go.  Afraid for some reason that this is the dream and not reality.

Yeah, last night was one of those nights.  Why can’t I have awesome dreams like this?

SSCC #330 – BATFEieio

This one came across the wire this weekend.

A felon with a lengthy history of violence against women, Jackson was
sentenced to 10 years in prison April 13 for sexually abusing an
18-year-old woman and holding her against her will for days inside a
cheap South Seattle motel last year. The woman told investigators
Jackson forced her to audition for a porn film and at one point choked
her so hard she almost lost consciousness.

What does this have to do with the ATF I hear you ask?  Quite simple really.

For all of this, the 34-year-old Jackson would be just another
habitual criminal except for one startling fact: He was working the
entire time as a paid informant for the Seattle office of the federal
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The agency made Jackson an informant even though he had come out of
prison early last year with a documented reputation as a violent,
mentally unstable inmate who had been arrested in nearly every state and
posed a serious threat to law-enforcement officers.

It’s so good we have geniuses like the ATF around to protect the innocent and law abiding.  Oh wait, they criminalize ownership of inanimate objects.  Their sole purpose is to make criminals out of as many people as possible.  The upshot of hiring thugs like Jackson is it helps intimidate people into compliance.

Besides, as Ry, this was the result of the geniuses behind Gunwalker recognizing their own talent.  Normally one needs to be an officer to make the count, but I’m making an exception due to the egregious nature of the crimes committed and the sponsorship by the ATF.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 330: Joshua Allan Jackson (Sponsored by the Seattle ATF Office)

Because sometimes it’s better to just hire your thugs from prison and put them on the payroll as an informant.  That way when they’re caught abusing an 18 year old girl, plausible deniability is that much easier.

Marketing Photo Of the Year

Sarah took the marketing photo of the year at Boomershoot.

Seriously, why are you still here?  Go now!

Happy Mothers Day

Since I’ve shown my mom the wonders of RSS she now reads the blog on a much more regular basis.  So instead getting one of those online greeting cards instead I can post it right here in the open.

Thanks’ Mom.  I know it may not have always seemed like it but your nagging paid off.  I finally did get my Eagle, sure it was one month before my 18th birthday but I got it.

Barron with Mom

Sure I got in trouble from time to time.  As you know though, it could have always been worse.  Besides, would you really want me to be like Small’s at the beginning of The Sandlot.  Telling that boy to get into trouble was the best advice she ever gave.  Why didn’t you ever give me that pass?

Just remember, when we were upset, maybe there was a good reason.  Though I never was this upset.

Most of all, I appreciate if I did anything like this, you and dad both would have whipped my ass.  Thanks for doing as Major Payne says:

So thank you!

The Owner of the Car Didn’t Kill Him…

Via Weer’d comes the following (Link Warning as it goes to a site run by Joan and Jason Kilgore.  All other links except the quote are safe)*:

The boy was armed with a loaded gun and his face was covered with a t-shirt. He approached a car in the parking lot of an apartment complex and ordered the driver to get out. In response, the driver pulled out a gun and shot the teen at least one time. The teen ran 30 feet, collapsed and died. The teen’s gun was cocked and ready to fire.

This was posted on their “Kid Shootings” blog.  A blog they use to dance in the blood of children who die because someone shot them.  Here’s a question though, who really killed that kid?  I’m of the strong opinion he killed himself.  Now someone else actually ran the instrument that caused his death, but it was the child’s decisions that resulted in his death.

Please note, we often hear about “suicide by cop” so how is this really different?  Yeah the person may not be intending to die, but that is the risk that is carried by their actions.

That child was ready to kill the owner of that car.  The owner did what he had to in order to survive.  The kid had a choice though.  He could have stayed home and played video games.  He could have attempted to steal a different car.  I already talked about this previously.

This post by our dear friends in the criminal occupational hazard reduction organization though shows us exactly what their attitudes are.  They do not support the law abiding.  They do not support and defend the innocent.  They do not support and defend those who are forced to defend their life or declare it forfeit and arrive at the gates of heaven.

This post is further evidence of the statements I wrote in my Open Letter To Joan Peterson, who has never responded by the way.  The facts are plain and clear though and we are obtaining more data points to support our conclusions.  Our opponents hate and despise the law abiding and those who are honest within our society.  They rise up and defend robbers, rapists, murders, and anyone who would do harm to another person. 

Joan defended the assailant in the Kroger’s incident.  Here Baldr Odinson (Jason Kilgore) defends a teenager who took a loaded firearm and threatened someone with it.  The teenager was a mere 4 or 6lbs from taking someone’s life.  They had done everything else necessary to do the deed other than apply another 4 or 6 lbs. to the trigger.  How does one say their intent is anything but possibly fatal to your well being at that point?

As was said by Sean earlier today as well as made a quote of the day:

“I didn’t kill him, he killed himself. I just carried the bullet for a while.”

It was the choices of that teenager that resulted in his death.  Not the gun, not the car he was trying to steal, not the victim who was being robbed.

It is telling since it is well known that the rate of accidents involving firearms has been steadily decreasing.  Obviously it’s low enough that they have to resort to posting children who enter a life of crime and discover that life has consequences.

*As a side note I actually left a comment on their blog.  I am posting it here as well as linking to this post.  Just because they can control the signal on their site doesn’t mean they can block it from the internet.

I guess car jacking and assault with a deadly weapon isn’t a crime if you’re under 18 in your book.

Do law abiding citizens need to ask for id now when being assaulted and threatened with a deadly weapon before defending themselves?

It’s good to see that you’re abusing the victim in this case and dancing in the blood of the aggressor to push your political agenda.  We can’t have honest law abiding folks fight back against someone who had a loaded and cocked firearm pointed at them and threatening them. 

Tell me, would a cop ask for ID in that instance prior to shooting them?

That was a reasonable use of force no matter how you cut it.  The solution to this problem is simple.  Educate your children that there are consequences to your actions.  Sometimes those consequences are dire and if you point a loaded firearm at someone attempting to rob them, they’re liable to take you seriously.  So seriously infact that they will defend themselves which may result in your recidivism rate being effectively reduced to zero.

I look at this as a parenting failure and thank god the victim had a firearm and was able to protect his life.  Unlike you, I don’t defend people who abuse the good in society.  I care about the good and if someone would rather be bad, that’s their choice and there’s consequences to your choices good or bad.

By the way, I’ve posted this on my blog too so censoring it won’t help.