SSCC #356–California Highway Patrol

The man shot and killed by a California Highway Patrol officer on Interstate 10 one month ago today was not armed, investigators told The Desert Sun on Wednesday.

The man wrecked his truck and the cause of the crash has not been disclosed.  CHP officers were cleared, which is disturbing.  Do officers have a right to go home at the end of the shift?  Yes, know who has more of a right though?  A unarmed man who presented no actual threat. 

In this case that individual had his right to life terminated without due process because some officers were ready to jump the gun.  From the information presented there wasn’t any evidence for them to assume the man was violent.  They approached him, something happened, and apparently he reached for a lighter.  I have a feeling that the words to stop came after they had ventilated him.  I’m also sure they took their time in ordering an ambulance, you know to secure the  scene and protect the paramedics.

A potentiality is not an actuality.  These officers acted under the assumption of a potentiality and killed an unarmed man.  They got away with it too.

It is also telling at the investigation was done internally instead of by an independent third party.  It couldn’t be they’re trying to protect their own could it?

State Sponsored Criminal #356: John Doe

Because when you shoot and kill someone, you don’t need to provide justification for the use of force to the public.  You just do it all behind closed doors so it can be justified without question.

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