SSCC #529 – Frederick County

Disturbing barely begins to describe this incident.

Bailey says he died after resisting arrest by three deputies at a Frederick movie theater. An employee had called police because Saylor wouldn’t leave his seat after a movie.

Bailey says Saylor cursed at the deputies. She says he became medically distressed while they were escorting him in handcuffs from the theater.

The victim in question had down syndrome.  Instead of using their brains, they immediately resorted to force and killed a mentally disabled man, in this case over the price of a movie ticket.

Have no fear though folks because this is how the department is handling the situation.

Meanwhile, all three deputies remain on regular duty.

I’m reminded of this particular incident out of Spokane.  Not to mention this incident where  police assaulted a mentally handicapped boy while ignoring the statements of both the parents and neighbors.

Here comes the problem.  At what point should you intervene if you see something like this happening?  Many would say, “Not my problem” and you’re inviting a legal battle against you, but at the same time we should work to protect the weakest in society, especially from the current thugs that seem to take pleasure and joy in killing them for sport with government protection.*  That’s why they’re working so hard to kill their hesitation right?  With officers like these fine people here not to mention others like this, it’s no wonder the State of Maryland is fighting so hard to keep it’s citizens from actually being able to get concealed weapons permits.

State Sponsored Criminal #529: The Frederick County Police Department

Because by all means use force in such a manner as to cause the death of someone over a nothing more than a movie ticket.

*If they weren’t taking pleasure and joy in it, they would be in jail awaiting trial at a minimum of manslaughter if not murder.  Not to mention they would be permanently fired from their jobs.

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