SSCC #373

An internal affairs investigation into his activities concluded that Paventi had sex on duty throughout the span of his 20-year career and even rented hotel rooms for the trysts while he was working.

Investigators determined that he rented rooms at the Days Inn on the Berlin Turnpike, in Berlin, 15 times in 18 months while he was on the clock and department and hotel records indicated that at least twice Paventi was receiving overtime pay during the trysts. He also met a woman for sex on the day in August 2011 the allegations were revealed, the report said. Many of the meetings for sex occurred as Paventi was the commander of the Professional Standards Division and while he was being sued by four female police officers.

That’s bad, but what’s really bad is the fact he retired with one hell of a pension.  Nothing like having the people continue paying for the resource wasting moron well after the fact.

State Sponsored Criminal #373: Captain Anthony Paventi

Because since the hard-working people are already paying for those too lazy to work, we need to pay for officers who got laid while on the job to make more doing nothing than most while doing something.

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One Response to SSCC #373

  1. Lyle says:

    I’m torn on this one. On one hand, this guy is a lazy, irresponsible, worthless pile of crap. On the other hand, I’d rather pay some of them for hookers and blow than for some of the stuff they do while actualy “working”, if the choice were between the two. I mean, would you rather be shot in a wrong-address, no-knock raid, or pay for a little hanky panky and coke?