Morons of the male persuasion

Bloomberg is such an asshole!

Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed.

Really?! Blocking the accessibility of formula to new mothers?  For some women, they are not able to produce milk with their pregnancy.  Some, even though they are producing, aren’t producing enough colostrum and therefore are starving their child.  I wonder if they will charge the mother with child abuse if the pharmacy is closed and the baby wants to feed?

Legislative fiat and nanny statism does not change biology or the way the real world works.

Women don’t need a lecture about choosing formula over breast-feeding.  Breast is not always best.  Especially since not every mother produces enough milk.  My husband was raised on formula because his mother was unable to produce milk as he was born by C-section.  A friend of mine didn’t produce milk for her child and didn’t realize it until she had starved her child for a day not knowing she wasn’t producing enough milk.

Some asshat politician who doesn’t understand biology or the medical sciences has no business telling me, my doctor, or any one else what is best for me or my child.

This is one big reason why I don’t want to be in a hospital when I have kids.  I don’t need some moron telling me what to do with my own body!

If you’re female and work in his office, do the rest of us of the female gender a big favor and kick him right between the uprights.  Then again I’m reasonably sure he’s lacking functional equipment down there which is why he’s spouting off about shit he doesn’t know about.

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4 Responses to Morons of the male persuasion

  1. Rolf says:

    If you have kids, I’d strongly suggest getting a doula – sort of
    a midwife that is there primarily as a mother support / advocate. The doula
    focuses on the mom more than the kid. They are knowledgeable about the options
    and processes of birthing in different places, and can help make a good birthing plan that’s best for the mom. We used one, and are very glad
    we did. As far as hospital vs elsewhere, that’s a personal choice that needs to
    be made on the individual’s risk profile, and the quality of local options. We
    aimed for natural childbirth (no C-section or epidural or other drugs) with our
    kids, but had minor complications with both, so I’m glad we were at a hospital
    with a pediatric MD handy, with a midwife as the primary delivery specialist,
    and a doula through the whole thing for mom-support.

    I DO think that breast-feeding should be strongly encouraged,
    but as the spouse had milk production problems early on, and the child had
    latching problems, without supplementing with formula our firstborn would
    likely have died unless we found a wet-nurse. (Of course, some formula is much
    worse than others – if you need it, use the stuff that DOESN”T have any fructose
    in any form in it – it’s basically a baby milk-shake, and sets them up for
    weight problems)

    Kids are cool, but have a
    STEEP learning curve and no model-specific owner manual 🙂

    • A friend of ours did the mid-wife and doula. It was at that point Janelle went, wait? I can break the mold and not be stuck in a hospital unless necessary!?

      So we do have resources out here to accomplish her desires. Janelle absolutely doesn’t want drugs or a C-Section and has become more wary of hospitals because of the attitudes of nurses she’s seen and heard about.

      Breast feeding should be encouraged, but I haven’t ever met anyone who was able that didn’t. Given mastitis and other issues, if you can nurse you should, and nature pretty much ensures that. This whole thing is yet another example of the politician sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and trying to claim the issue is worse than it actually is.

    • As Barron said, I have many resources and know approximately what I want when we do have kids. To expand on hospitals making me wary…I have been in the hospital too many times and they make me nervous. I would much prefer a natural birth at home where I will be most comfortable and less stressed. My plan is to have a mid wife and doula along with a backup plan for the hospital if at all necessary.

    • Charles Bennett says:

      When we had our second daughter my wife had some serious complications. The drugs they had to give her precluded breast feeding. The very last thing we need in this world is this asshat assuming that he knows anything about anything. The good news is that this particular moron has limited reach. I just feel sad for the people that can’t move and didn’t vote for him.

      The rest of them get all they deserve.