SSCC #373

An internal affairs investigation into his activities concluded that Paventi had sex on duty throughout the span of his 20-year career and even rented hotel rooms for the trysts while he was working.

Investigators determined that he rented rooms at the Days Inn on the Berlin Turnpike, in Berlin, 15 times in 18 months while he was on the clock and department and hotel records indicated that at least twice Paventi was receiving overtime pay during the trysts. He also met a woman for sex on the day in August 2011 the allegations were revealed, the report said. Many of the meetings for sex occurred as Paventi was the commander of the Professional Standards Division and while he was being sued by four female police officers.

That’s bad, but what’s really bad is the fact he retired with one hell of a pension.  Nothing like having the people continue paying for the resource wasting moron well after the fact.

State Sponsored Criminal #373: Captain Anthony Paventi

Because since the hard-working people are already paying for those too lazy to work, we need to pay for officers who got laid while on the job to make more doing nothing than most while doing something.

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Earworm Wednesday – 7/24/2012

Almost didn’t make it.  Finally got in front of my computer the first time today.

Hollywood Undead – Lights Out (remix)

SSCC #372 – Phoenix

Phoenix police higher-ups refused to release any information on the circumstances which led to Davis’ leave. Sources told CBS 5 News that the supervisor was caught on surveillance video pocketing several thousands of dollars in cash from a business while he was responding there on official duty.

Heaven forbid you inform the public of corrupt officers within your department.

State Sponsored Criminal #372: Sgt. Arnold Davis

Because when you respond to a criminal robbing an establishment, you’re free to take cash from the drawer, it’s a reward for doing your job right?

Yeah I’ll be on and off this week…

I am currently on “vacation” visiting friends and family.  Yesterday I met up with Phil and Scott from RNS down on the Tacoma water front.

Phil’s awesomeness was just radiating from him while at the restaurant.  It was a fun evening and was nice to catch up with friends I usually only see once a year at Boomershoot.

Earlier in the day though the wife and I went to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium for the first time since our wedding.

I wasn’t smiling because well, I don’t normally smile.  Don’t know why, but I just don’t smile that much if it’s a staged photo.  We paid a visit to where we had our reception too. 

The Gibbons were out just the same as they were during our reception.  Just as adorable too.

We also found the Sumatran Tiger that was on display at our reception.

Here she is now, evidently she is most likely pregnant too.

And there’s even more cubs at the zoo, here’s baby snow leopards.

Yes, they were just as adorable in person.  There were a couple other cats that were adorable but I only have pictures.  If you have kittens, that’s exactly how they were acting but they were bigger.  I wanted to play with the kitty cats.  We did however stumble across a red wolf puppy.

Yes I know all of these are wonderful cell phone quality, I didn’t feel like lugging around my SLR and backpack.  Yes I had an urge to shoot the little bastards.  The only good wolf is a dead wolf however I consider a zoo a sanctuary and given they are nothing like the Timber Wolf or Grey Wolf.   That brings me to a story of someone who needed blunt force trauma to the face.

You see there are peacocks that run around the zoo uncaged.  They’re beautiful with gorgeous tails. When we finally ran across one it looked like it was shedding its feathers, but still seemed odd.  As TMW and I were talking a couple overheard us and told us that a woman was chasing the peacock earlier and stepping on its tail to get its feathers.  Yeah I was filled with rage when I heard that.  While I am not fond of some animals in the wild, I understand their role and don’t want to drive their extinction.  That said, something like that just disturbs me on so many levels.

So yeah, I’m going to be visiting other friends all this week and will blog when I can.

Someone once asked me a question…

They saw my XD on my hip and I actually had my mag carriers on and the asked me the following:

Why did you put on your gun to come to the movie theater?  Do you really think something is going to happen?

To which I replied,

I put on my gun because I got dressed and criminals don’t call ahead.

It ends up last night, or early this morning depending on your view, there was an incident in Colorado.

A gas mask-wearing gunman opened fire early Friday at a suburban Denver movie theater, leaving at least 12 people dead and dozens more injured, police said.

It took no time at all for the gun grabbers to start dancing in blood though.  My personal favorite was the woman on twitter who informed me since no one shot back, we obviously didn’t need to have the right to arms.  Let me start at the beginning, pardon while I synopsize I’ll get to why in a minute.  She posted a tweet yesterday stating how she had physically fought off a rapist and she didn’t need a gun to do so and was glad her attacker didn’t have one.  She then used that statement as a justification for a total ban on firearms. This is how I replied:
Here’s the rest of the conversation, remember from the bottom up, I know it’s annoying I can’t figure out a way to change it.
So after the tweets last night I thought the conversation was over.  Well it was until she had some new blood to go dance in as you can see by her comments this morning.

Notice how she called me the ass and implied I was making assumptions but provided absolutely no answers to the questions I asked.  Her solution when I presented arguments she couldn’t handle or respond to was to block me.  All I wanted was for her to justify her position with facts and logic.  Obviously the force is weak with this one.  Especially with this awesome tweet after she blocked me.
So even with my previous examples of people defending themselves and others, the fact that there wasn’t a CCW holder in the theater means that the right is pointless.  Tell me, why wasn’t there a cop in the theater?  It is not the job of the CCW permited populace to protect everyone else.  Our duty is to ourselves and our families.  If we end up protecting you in the process, that’s a bonus.  If we choose to intervene on your behalf, we could end up being hung out to dry by the legal system so why would we?

Most entertaining though is she says that we’re eating our words this morning.  Except we never claimed that guns were some sort of magic talisman, it’s just that it serves no purpose to disarm the law-abiding but to ensure their victimhood.  She cannot argue against this point and she knows it.  That’s why she hasn’t even attempted to answer any of my questions.

She may have blocked me, but she can’t exactly stop the signal.  Feel free to go tweet at her if you like.  (Do NOT harass her, just try and get her to justify her position.)

Back to the subject of the movie theater, unsurprisingly the media has already gone into PSH mode and have resorted to using the Journalist’s Guide to Firearms Identification.
So take this as yet another reminder.  Be careful out there and carry your damn gun, you probably wont know when the wolf comes knocking.
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SSCC #371 – Hillsborough County

A deputy sheriff has been charged with animal cruelty after she allowed her four miniature horses to starve – one of them to death.

I am at a loss for words.  I help regularly at a horse rescue in the area and seeing what some people do to animals is down right disturbing.  Most disturbing though is what some of these people will attempt to do to the horse rescue that tries to save the horses.   Suffice it to say they try to manipulate the system and say you’re abusing them just the same because they don’t regain the weight overnight… I’m getting side tracked and that’s a story for another time.

Why is she on the count since she’s been charged?

Belo has been released on a $2,500 bail and resigned after she was suspended without pay.

Heaven forbid anyone fire her ass immediately.

State Sponsored Criminal #371: Pamela Belo

Because animal abuse is somehow different when you’re an officer of the law.

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Stupid Should Hurt (Your Morning Laugh)

So Jay G posted this video and I’m sure there are a few of you who won’t find this funny.  Watch the video and then let me explain, my sympathy meter is as low as possible.

You can watch the video here in case embedding fails.

You watched it all the way through right?  Up till the end where you could tell she was walking around.  What we all just saw was the epitome of a lazy person.  There is no lazier person in the world, too lazy to walk, too lazy to read, so lazy and in a rush that she didn’t want to take the elevator.  Instead she goes and tries to balance her scooter on the escalator and fails.

I am at a loss for words since sadly Jay G is right that this woman probably will get a settlement for her negligence, but it’s a stark reminder that there is stupid in this world.  Not only is there stupid, but there is always going to be a bigger idiot.

Who know’s, maybe she’s done it many times before and this time she pushed her luck.  This woman is lucky she walked away from her moment of stupidity and all that she will have is a blow to her pride and probably a larger bank account.

Either way, I got a good laugh out of it because I’m sure it hurt as it rolled over.  Why am I laughing, because frankly, stupid should hurt.

*As an FYI for those who would dare to tell me I don’t know what it’s like to be confined to a wheelchair, listen carefully.  Shut the hell up, you don’t know me or my history.  I spent 2 months confined to a wheel chair non-weight bearing in both legs.  So yeah, been there, done that, got the freaking t-shirt.

Update:  Email from “The Short Lady With The Grey Hair” (otherwise known as my mom).

I saw a quick take on the news but was sidetracked and missed the entire episode.  BOSTON—should have known.  She better not get compensation; if anything she should be fined.  Anyone who is so stupid as to try to take a motorized wheelchair—or non-motorized wheelchair—up an escalator does not have sufficient operating brain cells to be using the wheelchairs unaccompanied.  Brain dead stupid!

I was laughing as I read that, mainly because she’s right.

Quote of the Day – Munchkin Wrangler (07/19/2012)

Nobody builds a business alone, that’s true. But Bob didn’t make all those people work for free, and he didn’t make use of public resources without writing hefty tax checks for the privilege. Bob paid everyone, including his local, state, and federal government, before he even got to make his first dollar of profits. And Bob carries all the risk here. If his business tanks, his contractors aren’t going to return the money he gave them for their work, his employees aren’t going to give back their wages, and the government isn’t going to return the taxes and fees he paid. So why is it OK that when he’s successful enough to make a profit, some populist asshole politicians can stand up and say that “he hasn’t paid his fair share to society yet”?

Munchkin Wrangleryou didn’t build that
July 16th, 2012

[I do love the comments about what it took to build a business coming from a man who’s never built or run a business in his life. Businesses take work, period. There is risk and there is one person who takes that risk and the reward for the risk is the potential for profit. But profit is the result of greed and corruption right?  That person who has poured blood sweat and tears working their ass off so they don’t fail shouldn’t get any reward.

Why should they get no reward, you see someone else actually built their business. The business owner didn’t spend late nights with no bonus pay keeping the ship afloat.  They haven’t spent hours working on a website with zero income coming from it at the beginning.  Who cares that the business operator has paid anyone who works for them a fair wage in exchange for their goods and services?

That’s the crux, people who are paid by the business owner didn’t build the business.  People who build a business invest considerable time and effort without the guarantee of a reward.  That in and of itself is the very nature of business and is known as your Return on Investment.

Building a business means you invest a lot of time and your own money that in the future you may end up with more than you had.  Evidently our fearless leader has some other shining example of what building a business looks like.

*Most annoyingly is some places charge you a fee merely for permission to conduct business.  You see you need a business license to sell things to people who would like your goods and services.  You pay for the privilege but if for one reason or another you take a year off, you get to pay the tax man for the privilege again.  See how that works?  The government has to get theirs or you can’t get yours. -B]