A Guide to Exercising a Right…

Emily Miller gives us a nicely detailed guide on what it takes to exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right in our nations capital.  Here’s a nice excerpt, I would highly suggest reading the whole thing.

I’ve been writing this guide bit by bit from the day in Oct. 2011 when I first went to the District’s firearm registration office and said, “I want a gun.” Back then, I expected it to take a few weeks and cost $60 to have a firearm at home. I was off by a few months and $375.  Also, I believed that documenting the process for the newspaper would mean a few stories about long lines and frustrating bureaucrats. I was far off the mark.

When I started, there were 17 steps to getting a legal gun in Washington. However, as my series exposed the particularly burdensome requirements to gun ownership, the city council moved to remove some of those barriers. Now  there are 12 steps that take much less time and the cost has decreased by $262.

Even with the improvements I still say its way too much.  Especially considering one should be allowed to vote without showing ID, but look at the barriers to gun ownership.

These barriers are numerous and the biggest is a financial hurdle that many may not be able to overcome.  Imagine adding a $125 transfer fee plus an extra $48 dollars in asking the police department for permission to own a firearm.

Not to mention the additional 10 day waiting period which does nothing but make sure that someone who may legally own a firearm isn’t able to purchase one when they really need it.

Name one single other right that has these types of bars against their exercise.  There is no waiting period on free speech.  If someone says something bad about you, you are not prohibited from writing about them for 10 days while your blog registration application comes through.  You are not required to pay a fee to the state for the permission to create a blog or computer, or network connection to run your blog.  You are allowed to write freely in defense of your character.

Contrast that to firearms where an abusive-ex can threaten you, and you are now stuck waiting for 10 days.  You have a pile of fees to pay both to a monopolistic FFL and the police department for the permission to have an effective tool of self-defense.  A right guaranteed by the US Constitution and stated as applying to the individual in the McDonald decision is subject to fees and limitations of its exercise.  The consequences in this latter case though can be lethal for the person whose rights are being violated.

Instead of allowing free exercise, they create a maze of bureaucracy to be followed, which does nothing but ease the government in their efforts to infringe a right while appearing to allow for free exercise.

If your laws need a guide in order explain to people how to exercise a right, there is something grossly wrong with the design of the system.  It is obviously designed and engineered with the intent of stopping people from exercising that right.  The politicians and people responsible should be run up on 18.242.

I applaud Emily Miller for her efforts in correcting this wrong.  While she has made considerable advancement as can be seen, there is still a long way to go.  I doubly appreciate that she created that wonderful guide to aid others through the bureaucratic nightmare that are D.C.’s gun laws.

ICHH – The Kind I Hate

Normally TMW does these posts, she hasn’t been as active about it lately though.  Also when we do them it focuses on people’s belief that it can’t happen here.  Usually someone says a variant of the following, “I never thought it could happen here.”

Well this one close enough to home for some of us that it should drive the point home.

Everything that has just occurred took place, not in minutes, but seconds.  From the initial observation of the man… to his strange question… to the attack… and finally to the assailant running off took a total of maybe less than ten, not more than fifteen seconds.  The sheriff’s department was called… the young gal… all of sixteen… was taken to the hospital for treatment… and the assailant was caught… found lying on the ground under another camper not far away… apparently under the influence of drugs.

Go read Dann’s post, seriously, it is a prime example of how quickly the world can change, and no place is safe.  This particular incident occurred at a County Fair, with her parents close by and a friend sitting next to her.

Many of us exercise risk management and the thing is, like firearms, “Is Life, Is not Safe.”  Everything in life has risk, some things are lower risk that others.  Ultimately though your number can be called.  It may be an unlikely event, but it very well could be called out.  It can happen without warning and without cause.  It can happen there, it can happen here.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I carry a gun, among other tools because I won’t get a warning if my number is going to be called.  I could very well only have seconds to identify my number is up and to react.

Yet Another Lesson in Wild Animals

When you are in the wilderness you are not in a Disney movie.  The animals do not think of you as their friend.  You are either food, a threat, or something to be watched.  So with those things in mind, if traveling in the wilderness you need to be ready to deal with animals that may find you a nice dinner.

A 43-year-old professor says she fought off a grizzly bear that stalked her and her nieces by throwing everything she had at it – including a package of macaroni and cheese.

This woman though isn’t alone in her mistaken belief, preview this list of incidents previously discussed here:

So yet again we have the oh so familiar incident where a couple of people.  I think my favorite was she used bear spray and it continued to charge.  I think this is the money quote:

“All I could think about was this bear is so close to me I can see its teeth,” she said. “I could have kissed it. I wished I had a gun.”

Carry your damn guns.  You never know when you may need it, two and four legged varmints are both dangerous.

h/t Mad Rocket Scientist

Ever have one of those days…

Where you want to work on something but at the same time you want to go work on a bunch of other stuff.

Yeah today is one of those days.  On the upshot I did discover a new theme I prefer for the site while working on the pet project.  I’m doing some other stuff around the house in preparation for some stuff going on later this month.

I’ve also been working finishing up my stage designs for August.  I’ve got two more stages to go.  I did however make one stage that was an adventure into minimalism, making due with less.  It’s a short stage, but should be fun never the less.  I have discovered though it takes practice to think about Revolver, L-10, Limited, and Open and coming up with different solutions for each.  Even more so trying to avoid the wide open hole to let someone just completely wreck the stage.

I need to shoot more stages though to help the creativity.  I would go work nationals as staff. I think I’ll plan on trying to do that next year.

Today’s Lesson In Electronics…


Hey, I thought it was funny.  Besides how else do you think they get made?  I know the answer to that question and I think when it comes to most people, just look at the picture and believe it.  It’s not that far off from doping, which is how it’s really done.

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Another Comes Into the Fold…

So I got an email from Sean just after I posted on A Girl finding her new found freedom.  He had a domain but hadn’t been able to figure out how to effectively migrate from blogger.

A Girl’s success gave him renewed vigor.  I exchanged a couple emails and bootstrapped the blog last night.  This morning he got the content moved over but we had some issues getting the feed and redirects done.

Yeah, some of that was my fault, I screwed up his URL and did .org instead of .com, and missed something in the Template.  Thankfully though he couldn’t get the template to go in correctly.  We went back and forth in emails and he gave me admin access to go take a look.  Well it took me a couple minutes of looking around but I got it straightened out.

Sean has now officially crossed the fold to the dark side.  I put a fresh batch of cookies on the counter.

So, I hinted at it a little bit in the post about A Girl, but I think I’ll let a little more out of the bag now that I mainly just need to finish up things like the Terms of Service documents and some how-to guides and other general information.

So, any gun bloggers out there, or people interested in gun blogging that don’t want to deal with Google blogger, I am finishing an alternative.  You will be able to import all your content from Blogger, and there will be a how-to guide to redirect your traffic.

I have no idea how many are interested in such a thing.  If it is popular enough I am probably eventually going to move into a full virtual host and will resell hosting and support.  Is there any interest in such a service throughout the community of bloggers wishing to ditch specific services or ease the time they spend on it?

Insert Something Witty

I had something thought up for tonight.  Got home and dove into two other projects.  One will be unveiled probably tomorrow or Sunday.  Another early next week.  Also spent some time applying some polish.

I’m headed down to the local gun shop tomorrow.  It looks like there may be some industry reps there I can talk to.  There’s a few things lately I’m interested in, but not enough to empty my wallet yet.  So I will listen to my friends Linoge, JayG, and Robb and just ask.

I’ve also got to finish up my USPSA stages so they can go in for review.  One is done and wrapped up, once they’re all completed though I’ll do a post on them all.  I’ve also started and am working on the finer points of the frame that goes with this.  I keep meaning to work on it more, but I keep getting distracted.  Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next couple weeks to really spend on it.

SSCC #366 – Henrico County

A bereft Henrico County family says its son died near Cool Lane, robbed of his life and $15.

“He’d taken the bus up to my place to borrow the money last night; he just wanted a video or something,” said Henry Hamiel.

I already hear you asking how this could be a state sponsored criminal, it starts off as an everyday crime.  The police weren’t involved and were merely investigating the death.

The unidentified officer and a detective had arrived at the home to notify family members that Ellerbe had been killed. His body was discovered shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday, face down near an alley.

The pitbull ran from the backyard of the home toward at least one officer, who pulled his weapon and shot the dog in the home’s front yard, according to Ellerbe’s sister, Latoya.

“They had told me my brother was dead and I’d come out back to cry on the porch and Tiger must have heard them. He ran into the front yard and the officer shot him,” LaToya Ellerbe said.

Let me get this straight.  A young man was killed, over the money in his wallet. You travel to the home to inform the family, and then to add insult to injury, you shoot the young man’s dog.  You shoot his dog, YOU SHOOT HIS [email protected]#$ING DOG.  (Stops and spends 5 minutes saying woosah, remember the pressure points).

What in the name of god were you thinking.  Maybe you should back off, yell up to the house, even try calling them on the phone.  This is the 21st century, you do have a phone don’t you?

No instead you walk up to the house, invading the dogs territory, you see it running at you, and assume it is going to attack you.  You then plug the dog with a couple new holes with a lead slinging instrument and then tell the family, “Your son’s dead. BAM BAM, oh was that his dog?  Yeah, you’re gonna need to bury him too.”

If I walk up to someone’s house and someone’s dog runs at me, I don’t just get to shoot it and claim self-defense, neither does the mailman.  So why do these people get a sudden free pass to shoot any dog they want.

State Sponsored Criminal #366: Officer John Doe*

Because the correct way to inform someone that their son is dead is by shooting the boy’s dog first.  Nothing say’s I’m sorry for your loss than killing the family pet.

h/t Patrick at Popehat

*If you find it contact me, I want his name for the count.