In which I take advice and set the bar higher

So as Joe mentioned while we were in Reno we ran the LAPD qualification stage.  I passed, not as comfortably as I would have liked but was no slouch either.

I followed through on my word since I knew when these stages would be coming and practiced less and less as the day approached.  Prior to this shoot the last time I had shot was the beginning of August at that USPSA match.  I hadn’t shot any steel either since March and hadn’t done any extra practice either.

So for all intents and purposes I went into this thing pretty damn cold since I only really shoot about 150 rounds at a USPSA match at most.  Overall my opinion of the stages was that it wasn’t hard or difficult.  Doubly so since we made the stages harder than what actually required by the LAPD.

Ry suggested I try using Adobe Premiere and step up my game in production quality for the video.  I happen to think on this it’s probably a good idea.  So I spent this morning playing with Premiere and could actually cut a raw video that looks decent of Joe and I both shooting the qualifier from multiple angles.  That however isn’t the type of video I’m looking for.

I started writing up a script tonight and am intending to spend a decent amount of time editing to provide the maximum punch possible from this video.  There are some serious notes that and things that need to be emphasized regarding many of the stages and that needs to be done correctly.  Further, as I am evidently a beer swilling redneck, I figure I might as well act like one and start surpassing the CSGV’s and Brady Campaign’s production values for their videos.

The end goal is to get down to a short 3 to 4 minute video to educate people on the truth behind these “standards”.  Some have said we were self-selecting and I could see that if this was a National or Area level match, but not for a local match.  Local matches give you a wide variety of shooters, including multiple new shooters, with new and unfamiliar equipment.  The details on how and why that matters will be clearly illustrated in the video.

In the mean time enjoy this instead:

Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

I had a crazy dream last night.  By crazy, I mean the following mantra was applied:

There are very few problems that cannot be solved by the suitable application of high explosives.

Overall there’s nothing wrong with the above statement.  The reason it is crazy is because it violated all laws of physics.  Here’s how it went down:

I’m called on site for some issue a utility is having with a recloser.  For some reason they ground only two phases of the recloser while working on it.  The third phase, for what ever reason was packed with explosives and detonated… this fixed the problem.  It’s crazy because it defied all laws of physics since the recloser wasn’t rendered to its molecular components.

Now it is worth noting though, explosives are used in the power system.

Had I been involved in that, or shock testing, things would have been a lot more normal and note worthy.

It’s a bummer I cannot find a way to combine my job with the above, that would just be AWESOME!

Getting back to the dream, using explosives and not annihilating a complex mechanical mechanism just doesn’t seem right.

A Little Bit of History

So I always had an idea of where the term Mall-Ninja came from.  I just never fully understood why the Mistress of Snark would always refer to them and “Food Court Team Six“.  While one can easily draw the conclusions necceassary for the snark to still be hilarious, the history allows it to be even more so.

Here is a small glimmer into an awesome piece of history that thoroughly explains the Mall-Ninja meme.  I must warn you though, do not drink liquids while sitting at your computer while reading this.  I will not be held liable for any damages that may occur.

It’s okay for me to talk about my job, as long as I’m not specific. I am the Sergeant of a three-man Rapid Tactical Force at one of America’s largest indoor retail shopping areas. [And here the myth begins”] Although there are typically between fifteen and twenty normal security officers working the beat there, we decided a while ago that it would be best to have a specilized force for violent individuals. We use modified electric vehicles and can be anywhere on a given floor within eight and a half minutes.Naturally, the regular security people are unarmed. We “RTFers”, by arrangement with the local police, carry high-strength OC spray and batons. If we have a full tactical alert and permission from the local LEOs we also have a Mossberg 500 with less-lethal rounds and two K-frame Smith .38s loaded with 158gr. LRN.Basically, the situation is that we get the call, we lock up the situation, put everything five by five, and cordon the area until the local authorities arrive. We’re cops, we just don’t get the glory.

The amount of facepalming that can occur while reading that is epic as well.

h/t David at RNS

SSCC #375–Update

Via Lance I got the following regarding SSCC #375:

Due to a technicality, a drunken driving charge was dismissed against the Gladstone State Police Post commander on Wednesday in Chippewa County District Court.

The exact issue at hand:

Dispatch directed police to obtain the search warrant from a former Chippewa County court employee who was no longer serving as magistrate at the time, said Vizina. The former magistrate had been relieved of her duties five weeks prior due to mental health issues, he said.

"Dispatch sent the officers to the wrong place to sign a warrant," said Vizina.

Because the former court employee was not legally authorized to sign and execute the search warrant, any information police obtained under the document during the investigation could not be considered as evidence, Vizina said.

"Blood test results were not admissible and could not be used in court," he noted.

How convenient.  That’s not to say the judge wasn’t right in this case, but it’s interesting that they would screw the pooch so hard when one of their own screwed up so bad.  Don’t worry though, it couldn’t possibly be intentional since they bothered to put him on paid leave.  Heaven forbid he’s held accountable.

State Sponsored Criminal: William Smith

Because when your buddy does a DUI, just make sure it’s not a current judge that signs the warrant.

SSCC Honorable Mention–Chalfont

A Chalfont police officer was not shot by a group of assailants as he claimed, but instead staged the shooting himself, according to authorities.

Jon Cousin, 30, of New Britain Township was lying when he said he was shot in the chest while investigating a suspicious vehicle at a swim club about 3:16 a.m. Monday morning, they said.

This is certainly better than many of the other attempts by officers to “be a hero”.  Thankfully he has been arrested and charged though he is currently only on administrative leave.

SSCC HM: Jon Cousin

Because sometimes you want to go out looking like a hero. 

via Lone Wanderer (drop your blog in the comments if you have one)

Hey Hey Kids! It’s that time of year again!

Lets play finish the article!  Here’s the headline:

University of Idaho student in stable condition after fall from roof

No cheating first we need to collect ideas of what happened.

First up it’s a student so my immediate guess is this individual was at a Fraternity or Sorority when this incident occurred.  Write down if you agree or disagree, the answer follows.

… after falling from the roof of his fraternity shortly after midnight Wednesday morning. 

I am shocked, I say shocked that an upstanding young student from the Greek system would find himself in such a position.  It’s not like this thing hasn’t happened before.  As a note, there was an individual that fell at WSU August 23rd, though it was just a party house not associated with the Greek system.

Next wild ass guess, though I will admit it’s not really that wild… Alcohol was a factor in the accident!  What say you gentle reader, do you think this individual was sober when he decided to venture across the top of his humble abode?

… but there was also alcohol involved,” said Moscow Police Chief David Duke. 

[sarcasm]Damn, I was really thinking he was stone cold sober![/sarcasm]

How sad is it that I can just read the headline and know exactly what happened like a standard write-up with fill in the blanks.  The only difference in the name of the individual, frat house, school, and responding agency.

Why would I bring this all up though?  Well remember though that these individuals are not the majority of students and yet they are the shining examples used by the anti-rights cultists that concealed carry shouldn’t be allowed on campus.  Unsurprisingly though their examples are often criminals as well.  Not to mention the criminal incidents that don’t get reported by the media, some so horrible  they should issue hunting tags for the animals who did it.  All the while the school looks the other way or attempts to blame the victim (seriously).  (As a FYI, that references two different independent incidents believe it or not.)  WSU doesn’t like the black eye these types of events bring and does anything it can to hide it.

I find it interesting though that the example group our opponents use against college carry often find themselves in situations that would otherwise preclude them from carrying.  Drunk, underage, drug use, etc.  Yet our opponents use them as their example to disarm others who merely go to class and go home.  Ensuring that they can remain easy victims for the predators they oh so clearly support.

As a side note, we often talk about self-defense and avoiding risky situations.  Going into Greek row, more specifically attending any kind of party there I consider high risk, especially for the fairer sex.  It’s not the way it should be, but it’s the way it is.  Know that it’s high risk and act accordingly, preferably just avoid the damn thing.

I Hate It When People Post Stuff Like This….

It lets everyone else in on the secret, then more of those monkey’s from back east keep move out here.  Do as Ry said and play it full screen. (If you’re using RSS, click through to this post or to the video itself on Vimeo, you need it in HD. The RSS strips that.)

And for those of you out of the area, it’s a giant scam, it looks nothing like that, it’s all Photoshopped, and you do not need to come out here and verify my statement as being true or false. 😀

Purely Pacific Northwest from John Eklund on Vimeo.

I highly recommend clicking over and reading his description of the project.

h/t to Ry.

Quote of the Day–Joe Huffman(09/13/2012)

Some things aren’t allowed in prison.

Joe Huffman – Comment while driving home from GBR.

September 9th, 2012

[This comment was made on our way home after we were detained because of a little incident.


You see, we were originally planning on driving straight through prison.  No stops, don’t bother doing anything just stash the goods and go.  Well as we rolled up to the scene we started playing the game of, “Stash the goods”.  We were by no means close to the border either.

On the upside it was a chance to move around and stretch, however I know I wish the stop hadn’t been necessary and I’m reasonably sure others would agree.  We are reasonably sure that someone either got really lucky, or really unlucky.  The other person was in the middle and got the joy of being air lifted.  Joe and I both think there were two people on the motorcycle involved and they only loaded one in to the helicopter.  The bike itself had a second seat too.  But moving on…

While we were standing there taking pictures and the like, after stashing the goods, Joe then ponders the following: “I wonder what the legality of our knives are.”  For you see, neither he, nor your humble scribe bothered to remove our knives and stash them in bag of holding.  To which I reply, “you’re probably fine, it’s a simple locking blade, I on the other hand am [email protected]#$ed.”  I then smoothly unclip my knife and slip it all the way in my pocket.  I don’t feel like finding out how California views spring assist first hand.  As I do this, Joe replies with the above.

I felt it quite fitting. Joe and I were able to escape prison a short time later.  With many telling us to get the hell out of dodge.


We had no further problems as we made our break for the border. –B]