Ear Worm Wednesday – 9/12/2012

I’ve been on a rock kick for the past couple months so here’s some Blues.

I have yet to hear a song from Stevie Ray Vaughan I didn’t like.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Cold Shot

SSCC #409 – Arlington

Arlington is seeking to block an independent arbitrator’s decision to reinstate — with back pay — a former police officer who was fired last year following his arrest on sexual assault charges. 

I applaud the city to continue fighting against reinstatement.  Especially given the following:

Before the sexual assault charges that lead to his dismissal, Kovacs had been placed on administrative leave following allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman he had encountered during a traffic stop in October 2010, records show.

The man obviously has a history and has no business being in law enforcement.  Further he got away with it the first time and did it again.  Later that year though there’s more:

Then, in December 2010, a warrant was issued for his arrest on domestic violence charges after he was accused of putting a pillow over his girlfriend’s head while she slept. Less than a month later, in January 2011, his girlfriend told Cedar Hill police that Kovacs sexually assaulted her and that he had threatened violence against the Arlington and Cedar Hill officers who were investigating the allegations against him.

Who in their right mind thinks that someone with that kind of history and behavior should work as a law enforcement officer?

State Sponsored Criminal #409: Tibor Kovacs ??? See this update and decide for yourself ???

Because as a cop you should get as many free passes as you want.  It’s not like prior criminal actions should matter right?

via Bob S.

First you don’t shoot, then you apologize for it?

So this morning a bunch of miscreants invaded sovereign US soil.  The knocked down a wall, took down the flag and burned it.  The response by the embassy security detail was how shall we say, lacking.

Linoge I think was onto something when he said the embassy boss didn’t want to standing in front of a board trying to explain fatalities.  This is why I probably am not, and will never be an overseas ambassador.  My solution would match the below.

Childers in Rules of Engagement had the right idea.  (Sorry for the music going over top).

Not only did he defend the sovereign US soil, he retrieved and protected the American flag. The embassy is US soil folks.  For those who do not understand what I am saying, this was equivalent to them invading somewhere in the states.  If someone breaks into your house, you can shoot the bastards, and in this case people breaking into your house is the equivalent to an act of war.

So here’s a news flash to the US Egyptian Embassy, next time do your freaking job, defend the embassy, the flag, and do not apologize for their aggressionThen again we have a president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood so what should we expect?  I wouldn’t be surprised if the embassy was told to let them be run over.  Heaven forbid we actually defend America.

I know every last Marine in that embassy is feeling sick because they were prevented from doing what they’ve been trained to do.  Pardon me while I go watch a movie now.

Stage 2 – Anger

It appears that many of our opponents are moving on from denial to anger.  Via Gun Free Zone comes this example:

image via Gun Free Zone

 Slowly more and more of our opponents are going to leave the realm of denial and move toward anger.  Even Sebastian is noting that they are beginning to “behave like angry children”.

On Today

Initially I wasn’t going to put up a post regarding today.  Then I went over to Weer’d’s place and read his post.  I was about to write a comment but instead I realized it was growing into a post.  Here’s what I wrote before I pulled the plug.

I haven’t forgotten, I may or may not put up a post this year.

Yesterday I was embracing the suck and someone was all too unhappy about it. You see our Federal overlords have declared everyone and their mother suspected terrorists for things as innocuous as going about their daily business.  Things such as using cash for a transaction.

I do remember that day.  I remember it quite well.  I remember staring at the TV in disbelief as I watched what was happening live as I prepared to go to school.  I remember the freedom and liberty I had prior to that day.  I also remember hour our government reacted.  They have reacted to the point where they label me with the same title as those monsters.  By god if they’re going to stick me with that title, I am going to embrace the suck and drag the meaning of that word right straight down.

Thanks to the behavior of our modern government, in 2001 terrorists were responsible for that atrocious act.  In 2012, the best that can be said is it was done by evil.  By monsters who despise and hate us.  The title of terrorist no longer fits because according to our overlords, those who fight these monsters are terrorists as well.

Every year on this day I used to be angry at just those who attacked us.  Angry at those who took the lives of so many innocent people.

As the years progressed though I found my anger including others.  While I am still mainly angry at the men who started this snow ball, I am just as angry at the American politicians for exploiting this tragedy for a power grab.  At the same time I am angry because the American people have been complacent with it.

The biggest difference for the majority of America between now and September 10th, 2001 is that we have considerably less freedom now than we did then.  Some would argue that “it was necessary” and it keeps us safe.  The only thing is, it doesn’t do anything to actually make you safe, it just makes a bunch of sheep feel safe.

Today is a day of mourning.  Mourning for not only those we lost, but an ideology that is slowly being destroyed, all in the name of the “War on Terrorism.”  Most of the things on the above list are things that I do as well as many of my friends.  Hell, you can go through all the flyers for different types of flyer’s here.

When you start labeling normal behavior as a “potential terrorist action” why don’t you just admit that you think anyone who isn’t just a good little sheep a terrorist that needs to be put down?

I would further like to note, the mere fact I’m willing to voice this dissenting opinion probably gets me labeled a terrorist as well.  See, they don’t outlaw speech anymore, they just tell you what you said makes you either a racist or a terrorist.  Isn’t all this freedom we have nice?  Never mind that the government actually fits the real definition of the word terrorist.

*I think I need to get one of these T-Shirts to wear on September 11th every year from now on.

SSCC #408: Miami-Dade

A Miami-Dade police officer routinely stopped women drivers for no reason so he could have “sexually suggestive conversations” — including asking to see the scars on a Miami Beach bartender’s surgically enhanced breasts — and then let the women go without issuing any citations, federal authorities say.

We’re not talking just conversations though:

Dwivedi asked the driver to exit her car and sit in the back seat of his marked cruiser, then “instructed A.R. to lower the zipper on the front of her dress down past her breasts to her mid-stomach,” the complaint says. “A.R. stated that, by following Dwivedi’s instructions, she somewhat exposed her breasts.”

She was detained for one hour and twenty minutes before the officer left without issuing a citation. According to Miami-Dade police, Dwivedi did not list the traffic stop on his daily activity report, nor did he advise a dispatcher of the stop. He also did not conduct a driver’s license check of A.R. or her two passengers.

Thankfully this officer hadn’t become more aggressive in his predatory habits, yet.

State Sponsored Criminal #408: Prabhainjana Dwivedi

Because being a cop means you can deprive women of their rights and intimidate them into compliance for your own gratification.


SSCC #405-#407: Woodbury

When the gunman who had been tormenting the group told Henderson to go to the window to see if any police were outside, Henderson took his chance and made a beeline for the door. The kidnapper opened fire at him in response but missed. As Henderson bolted out the door toward them, Woodbury police opened fire and cut him down.

That’s right, the victim was shot and ultimately killed by the police for trying to escape his captor.  Supposedly he wasn’t listening to commands, probably because there was a man with a gun behind him trying to shoot him.  The police assumed he was armed and killed the hostage.

No worries for the cops though:

The three Woodbury police officers who fired their weapons are on standard paid administrative leave. They are officer Anthony Ofstead, an 11-year veteran; officer Stacey Krech, who’s been with the department for five years, and officer Natalie Martin, who’s been with the department for two years.

It is interesting that we constantly hear about how great less lethal options are and in the middle of a standoff no one seemed to think that might be a good idea for when a hostage escapes.  Evidently a hostage is supposed to just obey their captor and hope the aggressor decides to let them live.

The lesson from this, the cops will not save you, they will shoot you.  If you want to survive someone holding you hostage, kill them yourself.

State Sponsored Criminals #405: Anthony Ofstead

#406: Stacey Krech

#407: Natalie Martin

Because a hostage trying to escape is totally a viable target. Because you know a man trying to engage you with a firearm will be running as fast as he can while trying to shield himself.  Good hostages know to obey the police so they can be shot by the aggressor.*

While some may say I am “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” it doesn’t matter.  Law abiding citizens, even more than that, victims of crime have the right to be able to go home at the end of the day.  That right exists more so than those who serve in law enforcement.  If those officers dislike it, they can find a new profession.  They killed an innocent man and will suffer no consequence for doing so.  The victim had no weapon on him and received a treatment of lead from his “saviors” while trying to escape his captors.

At minimum it’s manslaughter, you can even claim involuntary if you want, but they hold the responsibility.

A New Personal Best

Today I spent some time behind Joe’s .300 Win Mag.  My previous long distance best for regular confirmed shots was at 700 yards.  3 inch targets that explode are a great method of hit confirmation.

Today thought my new personal best for repeated consistent hits is 957 yards.  There was a steel plate and hits were audibly confirmed and impact points were visible through trace.

I am quite pleased with myself.  Unfamiliar rifle to both Joe and I since it wasn’t zeroed and hadn’t been shot regularly.  Joe’s app made life much easier, but I am quite pleased with the number of times I rung that gong.

Now to sit back and chat.  Enjoy this picture from Drang.