SSCC #426–West Palm Beach

Before he or his mother, Cynthia Miller, could figure out why Boynton Beach police officer Michael Arco was so concerned about a man sitting in his own car in front of his own house, Andrews was in a choke hold with his arm twisted behind his back and she was slammed to the ground, according to a lawsuit alleging false arrest filed Sunday against the city in U.S. District Court.

Boy, to get that kind of treatment he must of done something really bad.

“No probable cause existed for the seizure and arrest of (Miller and Andrews) for any offense whatsoever,” attorney W. Craig Lawson wrote in the lawsuit. “No reasonable suspicion, no founded suspicion, and no articulable suspicion of criminal activity existed.”

Now before you completely dismiss it, note no charges were ever filed against the mother.  The charges against the son were merely resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, both of which were dropped.  Both of those charges are often referred to as “contempt of cop”.  But most note worthy is the following:

The same can’t be said of Arco. The 27-year-old resigned from the Boynton Beach Police Department last year after he was charged with official misconduct and perjury after prosecutors said he and another officer falsified a report that purported to explain how they entered a motel room in November 2010 to arrest an armed robbery suspect. The case against the robbery suspect was thrown out. The charges against Arco, who was disciplined several times by supervisors before he resigned, are still pending.

Rarely do bad cops ever just do it once.  No they’re allowed to continue abusing the citizens till their actions are so egregious that it could cost someone an elected position.  The response at that point is to merely let him resign.

State Sponsored Criminal #426: Michael Arco

Because when you see someone sitting in a car in their drive way, throw them on the ground and arrest them.  Just make it up as you go along, your partner will always back you up.

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