Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman(10/9/2012)

I think it’s doable. Won’t you help make my dream come true? It’s for the children.

Joe Huffman – The clock is ticking
October 8th, 2012

[It’s a worthy dream and important for the children of the future. Remember every time we create a smile like this:

Sarah Brady cries and they continue their decent into political irrelevancy.  Wont you think of the children and help throw a group of bigots into the dust bin of history.

Think about it, a generation who’s only knowledge of the Brady Campaign and CSGV will be that there is evil in the world that must be watched for and even if it’s found, it can be destroyed.

Donate, become active, continue the push.  Honestly I want to be able to buy a suppressor in the next 5 years and not have to wait for a year for a “stamp” so I can merely own a piece of safety equipment.  I think that is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Again, do it for the children.  Sarah Brady’s tears are just a bonus, a sweet, sweet bonus. -B]

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