Truth as Drawn by Gabe and Tycho

That right there is a heaping dose of truth.  My inbox has been full of “Black November” deals.  There are a few things I would like to get, one of which I would like to order enough in advance so I have it prior to a business trip just after Thanksgiving.

But I digress.  The rule growing up was Christmas was a forbidden item until the day after Thanksgiving.  After that we could put up decorations and the like.  For the most part when I was real little that was even avoided.  One we had a live tree so the longer it was in the house the more likely it was to combust.  The other reason was to provide a demarcation line between my birthday and Christmas.

Overall the obsession with sales the day after Thanksgiving has always bugged the hell out of me.  Even more than that with it now encroaching on Thanksgiving dinner itself it just seems all sorts of wrong.

One, I don’t like masses of people, especially if something spooks them its a great way to end up in a bad situation.  The other is you know what I really would rather do that try to buy the newest Tickle Me Elmo?  Sit around with friends and family, chat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company.  If you’re so obsessed with buying something that you forget the little things, try living in a house where layoffs usually occurred around Christmas.  It certainly helps you realize what the real priorities are.

Gabe nailed this on the head, people who shop on Thanksgiving are monsters and should not be encouraged.

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2 Responses to Truth as Drawn by Gabe and Tycho

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! There is a store in our mall that has a huge sign up saying they will not be playing Christmas music or putting up any decorations untilmadter Thanksgiving! I am playing on shopping there just for that…lol

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    Black Friday is just a huge snot-dripping sneezy germ-fest. I avoid people entirely until I meet Family at Christmas – but I’m lucky in a way, I don’t have any damn MONEY to go “shopping” anyhow. We completed our Christmas buying months ago – the “boys” will get LED “tactical” flashlights from Costco, and the “girls” will get some kind of body-butter fluid gooey stuff…