SSCC #463 – King County

From the bench, Judge Arend noted, “Defendant King County’s lack of effort and pattern of deliberate indifference with respect to producing responsive information to Plaintiff Harris is reprehensible. This reckless indifference in its failure to produce these three documents – documents that were indisputably relevant – is the functional equivalent of intentional misconduct. Through its callous indifference to the court rules and their discovery burden, Defendant King County deceived the plaintiff and it deceived the Court.”

Go read the story, it’s heartbreaking and down right dispicable.  The fact the officers will not be held personally liable is most sickening.
State Sponsored Criminal #463: John Doe
Because by all means slam someone’s head into a brick wall.  The state will pick up the tab when it ends up you were dead wrong.
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2 Responses to SSCC #463 – King County

  1. Steve Nordquist says:

    The article’s disappeared from the Herald; well, the link’s 404, the site search requires 3ish scripts to run, and nothing with ‘Defendant King County’ looks apropos. …..

    • Barron says:

      Replaced with another link from business wire. Thanks for the heads up. Best part is that the herald isn’t actually returning a 404. Otherwise the link would have changed in the blog post to indicate they killed it. Either way it’s annoying to have such a recent story dropped from the wire.